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Aeschynomene americana

Description from Flora of China

Herbs or shrublets, (0.4-)1.5-2 m tall. Stems erect, many branched, glabrous, viscid. Stipules lanceolate, 10-12 × 1-3 mm, membranous, base auriculate, apex acute. Leaves 30-40-foliolate; leaflet blades linear-oblong, 8-10 × 2-4 mm, papery, primary veins 2-4, base oblique, apex obtuse and mucronate. Inflorescences axillary, racemose, laxly branched, 2-4-flow­ered; bracts cordate, membranous. Bracteoles linear-ovate, stri­ate. Calyx deeply 2-lobed. Corolla yellow, ca. 7 mm. Legume oblong, 2.5-3 cm × 2.5-3 mm, herbaceous to leathery, slightly curved, abaxial suture undulate and indented; articles 4-7, rounded, slightly muricate. Seeds brown, reniform. Fl. and fr. Oct-Nov.

Roadsides. Naturalized in Taiwan [native to tropical America].


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