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Atalantia fongkaica

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs to 1 m tall. Branchlets green, slightly flat, glabrous, with very short sometimes slightly flat spines. Leaves 1-foliolate; petiole 4-7 mm, articulated with blade; leaflet blade variable in shape and size, some obovate and 7-9 × 3-4 cm with shortly acuminate apex, others oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic and 10-16 × 4-6 cm with acuminate apex, thickly papery to leathery, glabrous, abaxially grayish yellow to yellowish gray when dry, midvein ridged, secondary veins numerous, tertiary veins conspicuous, base broadly cuneate to obtuse, margin sinuate or apically with minute obtuse teeth. Flowers axillary, solitary. Ovary 5-loculed, with 1 ovule per locule. Fruit pyriform when young but ellipsoid to ovoid when mature, ca. 3.8 × 3 cm, smooth, with slightly convex oil glands when dry; outer part of pericarp (exocarp and mesocarp) ca. 2 mm thick. Seeds 1.5-1.8 × 1-1.3 cm; seed coat smooth; embryo solitary; cotyledons green. Fr. Aug-Oct.

● Forests by rivers in valleys; below 200 m. Guangdong (Fengkai).


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