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Capparis trichocarpa

Description from Flora of China

Vines, of uncertain length. Twigs grayish, terete, ca. 1 cm in diam. Stipular spines to 4 mm, stout, recurved, densely reddish tomentose at least from middle to base. Petiole almost terete, 5-7 mm; leaf blade elliptic to sometimes obovate, 3.5-6.5 × 2-3.2 cm, leathery, abaxially densely rust-colored tomentose, adaxially not shiny and shortly tomentose or when mature almost glabrous, midvein and secondary veins abaxially raised and adaxially impressed, secondary veins 5 or 6 on each side of midvein, reticulate veins adaxially obviously impressed, base broadly cuneate to almost rounded, apex shortly acuminate to sometimes acute or rounded and with a small callus tip or rarely emarginate to subobcordate. Flowers not seen. Infructescences corymbs or short racemes. Fruit ± globose to ellipsoid, 3.5-5 × 2.8-4 cm, densely tomentose with rusty trichomes, apex with an extremely short beak; fruiting pedicel 2-2.3 cm, ca. 4.5 mm in diam., tomentose like fruit; fruiting gynophore ca. 4.5 cm, ca. 2.5 mm in diam., base with trichomes. Seeds many per fruit. Fl. unknown, fr. from May.

Jacobs (Blumea 12: 540. 1965), based on examination of an isotype, believed this to be Capparis viburnifolia. However, that species has glabrous ovaries.

● Among shrubs; 1200-1600 m. Yunnan (Menghai).


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