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Corydalis hebephylla

Description from Flora of China

Herbs, perennial, ca. 50 cm tall. Roots and radical leaves not seen. Stems ridged, lower part without leaves, upper part with 4 or 5 leaves, papillose. Cauline leaves shortly petiolate to sessile, lowermost leaf 10-13 × 7-10 cm, upper leaves much smaller; blade pale abaxially, green adaxially, oblong or broadly ovate, simply pinnate with 1-3 pairs of leaflets, or uppermost simple; leaflets 4-5 × 3-4 cm, deeply 2- or 3-fid, lobes with a few coarse teeth. Main raceme 6-7 cm, dense, 20-35-flowered; axillary racemes from small uppermost leaves ca. 10-15-flowered; bracts narrowly lanceolate, ca. 10 mm. Pedicel 8-12 mm, slightly elongating and recurved in fruit. Sepals ovate, small, with distant teeth, apex caudate-mucronate. Flowers yellow, apex purplish, narrow. Upper petal without crest, 19-20 mm; spur cylindric, ca. 9 mm, narrow; nectary extended nearly to spur end; lower petal 12-14 mm, without crest; inner petals ca. 12 mm, claw ca. equal to petal lobes. Stigma nearly orbicular, with 8 papillae. Capsule oblong, 10-14 × ca. 3 mm excluding style ca. 3 mm, 4- or 5-seeded. Seeds in 1 row, ca. 2 mm.

● Forest understories, grasslands on slopes; 4100-4400 m. N Sichuan (Barkam, Jinchuan).


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