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Derris laxiflora

Description from Flora of China

Lianas, glabrous except for pilose calyces. Leaves 5- or 7-foliolate; rachis 6-9(-12) cm, including petiole 3-6 cm; leaflet blades elliptic, 5-8 × 2.5-4 cm, subleathery, base broadly cu­neate, apex obtuse. Pseudopanicles terminal, 15-30 cm, laxly flowered, basal branch elongated but others short; rachis nodes with 2 or 3 fascicled flowers. Pedicel 6-8 mm. Flowers ca. 1.2 cm. Calyx broadly campanulate, ca. 2 mm. Corolla whitish, 7-9 mm; petals all clawed; standard suborbicular, base broadly cu­neate. Ovary glabrous. Legume ellipsoid, 5-8 × 1.5-2.5 cm, flattened, glabrous; abaxial suture with a distinct but narrow wing, adaxial suture with a ca. 3 mm wide wing. Seeds 1-3 per legume. Fl. Apr-Jun, fr. Jul-Oct.

● Semi-open areas, thicket margins; below 1000 m. Taiwan.


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