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Ixora tsangii

Description from Flora of China

Small shrubs, to 1 m tall; branches glabrous. Leaves opposite; petiole 1-1.8 cm, glabrous; blade olive-green when fresh, drying papery and dark brown, oblong-lanceolate to elliptic, 7-20 × 2.5-6 cm, glabrous on both surfaces, shallowly bullate, base cuneate to obtuse, apex acute to long acuminate; secondary veins 9-16 pairs; stipules deciduous through fragmentation, interpetiolar or shortly united around stem, ovate to ligulate-triangular, 2-8 mm, glabrous, rounded with arista 2-6 mm. Inflorescences terminal, corymbiform, trichotomous, lax, sessile to subsessile, sparsely to densely puberulent; branched portion 3-3.5 × 3-3.5 cm; bracts linear-lanceolate to narrowly triangular, 1-3 mm, acuminate; pedicels 3-5 mm. Flowers pedicellate. Calyx glabrous; hypanthium ellipsoid, ca. 1.5 mm; limb deeply lobed; lobes ovate to triangular, ca. 1 mm, acute to acuminate. Corolla white, outside glabrous; tube 15-18 mm, glabrous at throat; lobes elliptic, ca. 5 mm, obtuse to subrounded. Drupe unknown. Fl. Sep.

● Shady thickets. Guangxi (Shangsi).


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