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Maackia chekiangensis

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs, 1-1.5 m tall; branchlets gray-brown, lenticellate, smooth, glabrous. Leaves 13-20 cm; leaflets 9-11, opposite; petiolule 1-2 mm; blades ovate-lanceolate or elliptic-ovate, 2.1-6.3 × 1.1-3 cm, sparsely light brown hairy abaxially, gla­brous adaxially, base cuneate, apex acuminate. Racemes 8-14 cm; rachis light brown pubescent. Flowers dense; pedicel slen­der, 2-3.5 mm; bracteoles subulate, 1.3-2 mm. Calyx campan­ulate, 2.1-2.4 mm; teeth to 1.3 mm, brown adnate hairy. Co­rolla white; standard oblong, 3-5 × 1.2-1.7 mm, slightly emar­ginate at apex, claw ca. 0.6 mm; keels oval-oblong, spurred at base. Ovary narrowly oblong, shortly stalked, densely brown hairy. Legumes elliptic, ovate, or oblong, 2.7-4 × 1.1-1.5 cm, beaked at apex, narrowly winged along sutures, brown pubes­cent; fruit neck absent; stalk ca. 3 mm. Seed 1, yellow-brown. Fl. Jun, fr. Sep.

● Forests; below 500 m. Anhui, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Zhejiang.


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