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Ormosia nanningensis

Description from Flora of China

Ormosia semicastrata Hance f. nanningensis (L. Chen) Yakovlev.

Trees evergreen, to ca. 20 m. Branchlets appressed grayish brown pubescent. Leaves imparipinnate, 13-28 cm; rachis and petiolule densely appressed grayish pubescent; leaflets 5; petio­lule 7-10 mm, thin; blades green adaxially and paler abaxially, oblong or oblong-lanceolate, widest at middle, 6-15 × 1.5-4 cm, thinly leathery, young leaves densely appressed pilose abax­ially, becoming glabrate, glabrous adaxially, base cuneate or rounded, apex obtuse or acuminate, rarely retuse; lateral veins 9-11 pairs, fine, slightly raised on both surfaces. Infructescence 10-15 cm, densely appressed very short grayish pubescent. Legumes suborbicular or elliptic, slightly convex, 2.4-4 × 2-2.8 cm, apex beak acute, stipe ca. 4 mm; valves densely ap­pressed grayish brown pubescent, internal septum absent; calyx persistent, densely appressed grayish pubescent. Seeds 1 or 2, dark red, suborbicular, slightly compressed, 9-13 × 8-11 mm, hard; hilum 3-4 mm. Fr. Oct.

● Mountain slopes, valley forests, infrequent; 100-700 m. Guangxi (Shiwan Dashan).


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