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Oxalis leucolepis

Description from Flora of China

Oxalis acetosella Linnaeus subsp. leucolepis (Diels) C. C. Huang & L. R. Xu.

Perennials to 12(-15) cm tall, slender. Rhizome creeping underground, very slender, very sparsely covered with fleshy pale brown scalelike remains of leaf bases, ca. 0.5 mm thick not including scales, 1.5-2 mm thick including scales; scales pale brown, usually widely spaced, glabrous. Petiole 6-11 cm; leaflet blades rounded-obcordate, 1-1.8 × 1.1-2 cm, abaxially pubescent and often purplish, adaxially glabrous, apex deeply emarginate; lobe apices rounded. Flowers solitary, nodding; peduncle as long as or longer than leaves; bracts 2 at middle of flowering stalk, rounded-ovate to ovate, ca. 2 mm, translucent, glabrous. Sepals ovate-lanceolate, ca. 5 mm, persistent. Petals white, purplish veined, spotted dark purple at base, 0.9-1.4 cm. Fl. Jul-Aug.

The taxonomy of this and the following three species is not clearly resolved, with some preferring to recognize just one species with several infraspecific taxa.

Shaded Abies, Pinus, and mixed forests, among moss and boulders; 2800-4000 m. SE Xizang, Yunnan [Bhutan, India (Sikkim), Myanmar, Nepal].


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