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Oxytropis deflexa

Description from Flora of China

Astragalus deflexus Pallas, Acta Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop. 2: 268. 1779; A. parviflorus Lamarck; A. retroflexus Pallas.

Herbs, 2-12 cm tall, caulescent or less commonly acaules­cent, with (0 or)1-7 apparent internodes, from a few- or sev­eral-headed caudex, subprostrate, with spreading or retrorse trichomes. Stipules lanceolate, herbaceous, with long trichomes, basally adnate to petiole, apex acute. Leaves 5-20 cm, (15-)21-31(-41)-foliolate; leaflet blades ovate-oblong, ovate, lanceo­late-oblong, or lanceolate, 5-25 × 2-8 mm, both surfaces pilose or adaxially glabrous, base rounded, apex acute. Racemes at first dense, becoming lax, 13-30-flowered; peduncle 7-25 cm or sometimes longer, villous-pilose; bracts linear, almost as long as calyx, membranous. Flowers declined. Calyx campan­ulate, (3-)6-7(-8) mm, with white and black trichomes inter­mixed; lobes lanceolate, as long as or shorter than tube. Corolla pale bluish purple; standard 8-9 × ca. 5 mm, lamina obovate, apex rounded to emarginate; wings as long as standard, longer than keel, apex rounded; keel 8-9 mm, beak ca. 1 mm. Legume stipitate; stipe 2-4 mm; body oblong-ovoid, 10-20 × 4-5 mm, pendulous, membranous, 1-locular, with spreading long tri­chomes, apex with a beak. Fl. and fr. Jun-Jul. 2n = 16.

Gravelly slopes, valleys, among shrubs; 1600-3700 m. Nei Mon­gol, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Xizang [Mongolia, Russia; North America].


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