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Polygala resinosa

Description from Flora of China

Heterosamara resinosa (S. K. Chen) Paiva & P. Silveira.

Shrubs, smaller than 1 m tall. Stems and branchlets terete, longitudinally thinly angular and yellowish, shiny, leaf scars crescent-shaped, corky; terminal buds pubescent. Leaves evenly alternate; petiole 1-1.5 cm, adaxially sulcate; leaf blade abaxially gray-white, adaxially green, lanceolate, 6-12 × 1.5-3 cm, thickly papery, abaxially glabrous, adaxially very shortly transparently setose near margin, midvein raised abaxially, impressed adaxially, lateral veins 7 or 8 pairs, anastomosing near margin, base cuneate, margin entire, slightly recurved, apex long acuminate. Racemes pseudoterminal, simple, ca. 13 cm at fruiting. Flowers not seen. Capsule yellowish, obovoid-cuneate, ca. 7 mm, ca. 4 mm in diam.; carpels very yellow, translucently resiniferous punctate, base with annular disk, margin narrowly winged, apex retuse, mucronate; fruit stalk ca. 5 mm. Seeds ovoid, ca. 1.5 mm in diam., densely yellowish to white villous, hiliferous end with a brown, curved appendage, not strophiolate. Fl. unknown, fr. Sep-Nov.

● Sparse forests on mountain slopes; ca. 1000 m. SW Guangxi (Longzhou).


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