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Schima remotiserrata

Description from Flora of China

Schima kwangtungensis Hung T. Chang.

Trees. Current year branchlets pubescent or glabrescent; terminal buds white sericeous or glabrescent. Petiole 2-4 cm, compressed, glabrous, apically narrowly winged; leaf blade oblong to elliptic, 12-16 × 5-6.5 cm, thickly leathery, abaxially pale green, adaxially dark green and shining, both surfaces glabrous, secondary veins 9-12 on each side of midvein, secondary and reticulate veins raised on both surfaces, base broadly cuneate and decurrent, margin sparsely serrate on apical 1/2, apex acuminate. Flowers 6 or 7 in a short raceme, ca. 4 cm in diam. Pedicel 3.5-4 cm, puberulent or glabrescent; bracteoles 2, caducous, 5-10 mm from sepals. Sepals suborbicular, ca. 6 mm in diam., outside glabrous, inside white sericeous, margin ciliolate. Petals white, broadly obovate, 2-3 cm, apex rounded. Stamens 0.9-1.2 cm; filaments distinct. Ovary glabrous or basally tomentose, 5-loculed; style 8-10 mm, glabrous. Capsule ca. 1.5 cm in diam. Fl. Aug-Sep, fr. Oct-Nov.

● Forests; 500-1000 m. Fujian, Guangdong, E Guangxi, S Hunan, Jiangxi (Wuyi Shan).


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