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Cyatheaceae Kaulfuss


Description from Flora of China

Plants terrestrial, large to very large, less often medium-sized, with short to usually long, erect, slender to robust, apically scaly stem. Stems with dictyosteles, apices (and usually stipe bases) covered with large scales, sometimes also with small scales or hairs. Fronds usually large (up to 5 m); stipe with obvious, usually discontinuous pneumathodes in two lines; lamina 1-3-pinnate (rarely simple); veins simple to forked, free, rarely anastomosing. Sori superficial (abaxial) or terminal on veins and marginal or submarginal, orbicular, exindusiate, or indusia saucerlike, cuplike, or globose and completely surrounding sporangia, or bivalvate; sporangia maturing gradually, with oblique annuli; receptacles raised; paraphyses usually present; spores tetrahedral, trilete, variously ornamented; gametophytes green, cordate. x = 69.

Zhang Xianchun. 2004. Cyatheaceae. In: Zhang Xianchun, ed., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 6(3): 249-274.

About five genera and more than 600 species: pantropical; two genera and 14 species (one endemic) in China.

(Authors: Zhang Xianchun (张宪春); Harufumi Nishida)

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