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Trollius ranunculoides

Description from Flora of China

Trollius pumilus D. Don subsp. normalis Brühl var. ranunculoides Brühl.

Stems more than 6 cm tall, to 30 cm at fruiting, simple. Basal leaves with petiole 3--13 cm, base sheathed; leaf blade not green when dried, orbicular-pentagonal or pentagonal, 1--1.5 (--2.5) × 1.4--2.4(--4.2) cm, base cordate, 3-sect; central segment broadly rhombic or rhombic-obovate, 3-fid, lobules 1- or 2-triangular or ovate-triangular dentate; lateral segments obliquely flabellate, unequally 2-fid nearly to base. Cauline leaves 1--3, smaller than basal leaves. Flower solitary, 2.2--3.2 (--4) cm in diam. Sepals 5(--8), yellow, ± green when dried, obovate, 1--1.5 × 1--1.8 cm, apex rounded or subtruncate, caducous. Petals spatulate-linear, shorter than stamens, 4.5--6 × ca. 1 mm. Stamens 5--7 mm. Follicles 7--9, ca. 1 cm; persistent style erect, ca. 1 mm. Seeds ellipsoid-globose, ca. 1 mm. Fl. May--Jun, fr. Aug.

* Grassy slopes; 2900--4100 m. S Gansu, E and S Qinghai, W Sichuan, E Xizang, NW Yunnan.


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