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Gaultheria dumicola

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs erect, 0.6–2(–3) m tall. Twigs terete, glabrous, puberulous, or densely hirsute. Leaves scattered; petiole 3–5 mm, glabrous or hirsute; leaf blade ovate to broadly ovate, orbicular-ovate, or elliptic, (4.5–)6–17 × 2.5–9 cm, leathery, glabrous or abaxially ± brown hispid, secondary veins 1 pair, arising near leaf base, arcuate-ascendant, base cuneate to rounded, rarely cordate, margin slightly revolute or plane, shallowly serrulate, glabrous or often ciliate, apex abruptly acuminate, acuminate, or caudate. Inflorescences axillary, racemose, corymbose, or pseudoumbellate, 3–10 mm, glabrous; bracts broadly ovate, 1.5–2 mm, apex acute. Pedicel 3–10 mm, glabrous or puberulous; bracteoles 2, basal, ovate-triangular, ca. 1 mm. Calyx purple, ca. 3 mm; lobes ovate, ca. 1.8 mm, glabrous, apex abruptly acuminate. Corolla reddish or pale green, urceolate-campanulate, 3–4 mm, abaxially glabrous; lobes triangular, ca. 1 mm. Filaments fusiform, ca. 1 mm, papillose; anthers ca. 1.2 mm, thecae 2-awned. Ovary pilose. Calyx at fruiting purplish black; capsule conical, 3–6 × ca. 2.5 mm. Fl. Jul–Aug, fr. Aug–Dec.

Forests, forest margins, thickets, scrub, open slopes, streamsides, dry places, rocks, roadsides; 1400–3000(–3200) m. SE and W Yunnan [Myanmar].


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