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Xanthophyllum yunnanense

Description from Flora of China

Trees 10-15 m tall; trunk to 15-35 cm d.b.h. Branchlets yellow or straw-colored, slender, scabrous, glabrous; axillary buds 2, overlapping. Petiole yellow-brown, 6-10 mm, adaxially sulcate; leaf blade linear-lanceolate, 8-15 × 1.8-3.5 cm, leathery, both surfaces glabrous, midvein yellow, raised on both surfaces, lateral veins 7 or 8 pairs, raised abaxially, curved, anastomosing near margin, tertiary veins not parallel, veinlets reticulate, base cuneate, margin slightly undulate when dry, apex acuminate. Racemes axillary, densely yellow pubescent. Flowers not seen. Infructescences 2.5-3.4 cm, densely yellow-brown tomentose; fruit stalk short, ca. 5 mm, stout, yellowish brown tomentose. Drupe green, ca. 2 cm in diam., glabrous. Seed black, rounded; cotyledon plump. Fl. unknown, fr. Jul-Sep.

● Mixed forests; 1800-2000 m. S Yunnan (Menghai).


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