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Dilleniaceae Salisbury


Description from Flora of China

Trees, shrubs, or woody climbers, rarely herbs; hairs sclerified and/or silicified, sometimes fasciculate. Leaves simple, rarely pinnatisect or pinnately compound, usually spirally arranged, rarely opposite, petiolate; stipules absent; petiole sometimes winged; leaf blade leathery, herbaceous, or membranous, margin entire or serrate. Flowers bisexual, rarely unisexual, actinomorphic, occasionally zygomorphic, solitary or in racemes, panicles or cymes. Sepals (3 or)4-5(-18), imbricate, persistent, usually leathery or fleshy, sometimes accrescent in fruit. Petals (2 or)3-5(-7), white, yellow, or red, imbricate, crumpled in bud. Stamens numerous (or 1-10), developing centrifugally, free or united basally and then in fascicles; staminodes often present; anthers basifixed, dehiscing by longitudinal slits, apical clefts, or apical pores. Gynoecium (1 or)2-7(-20)-carpellate, superior; carpels free or hemisyncarpous; stylodia free, apically stigmatic; ovules 1 to numerous, anatropous; placentation submarginal, or basal when ovules 1 or 2. Fruit a follicle, polyfollicle, berry, or capsule, or indehiscent and enclosed by fleshy sepals. Seeds 1 to numerous; endosperm copious, oily; embryo very small, straight, achlorophyllous.

Chang Hung-ta. 1984. Dilleniaceae. In: Feng Kuo-mei, ed., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 49(2): 190-195.

Ten genera and ca. 500 species: pantropical and extending into warm-temperate Australia; two genera and five species in China.

(Authors: Zhang Zhixiang (张志翔); Klaus Kubitzki)

经济区 Economic Plants Area, 中心区 Central Area, 分类区 Classified Area, 荫生植物区 Shady Plants Area, 木本花卉区 Woody Accrescent Area, 标本园 Specimens Garden, 引种苗圃 Introducing Plants Nursery, 蒲岗保护区 Pu Gang Reserve

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