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Dalbergia Linn. f.


Description from Flora of China

Trees, shrubs, or woody climbers. Leaves alternate, imparipinnate; stipules often small and early caducous; leaflets alternate, rarely opposite, estipellate. Inflorescences terminal or axillary, racemes or panicles, usually numerous flowered; bracts and bracteoles usually small, caducous, rarely persistent. Flowers small. Calyx campanulate, 5-toothed; teeth unequal, rarely subequal, lowest tooth usually largest, upper pair usually wider than others and partially connate. Corolla white, pale green, or rarely purple; petals clawed; standard ovate, oblong, or orbicular; wings with base cuneate, truncate, or sagittate; keel often boat-shaped, ± united above. Stamens 9 or 10, monadelphous, usually united in an open sheath, or diadelphous and then in 2 bundles of 5 each (5+5), or 9 united and 1 free (9+1); anthers erect, small, dehiscent by short apical slits. Ovary stipitate, few ovuled; style usually incurved, long or short; stigma terminal, small. Fruit an indehiscent legume, of 4 types: (a) strongly flattened, translucent, raised over seeds ("samaroid"); (b) thick­er, ± leathery, often with lenticels; (c) thick, ± woody; (b+c) when more than 1 seed develops, legume lomentaceous. Seeds reniform, compressed, those of legume types b, c, and b+c usually not visible from outside; radicle inflexed.

Due to insufficient data, Dalbergia tonkinensis (species no. 29) could not be included in the key.

Dalbergia esquirolii H. Léveillé (Fl. Kouy-Tchéou, 230. 1914-1915), described from Guizhou, could not be treated here because no material was seen by the present authors.

Between 100 and 120 species: tropical and subtropical regions of North and South America, Africa, and Asia; 29 species (14 endemic, one intro­duced) in China.

经济区 Economic Plants Area, 中心区 Central Area, 分类区 Classified Area, 药用植物园 Medicinal Plants Area, 荫生植物区 Shady Plants Area, 濒危园 Endangered Plants Garden, 标本园 Specimens Garden, 引种苗圃 Introducing Plants Nursery, 蒲岗保护区 Pu Gang Reserve

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