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Elaeocarpus Linn.


Description from Flora of China

Ganitrus Gaertner; Monocera Jack.

Trees or rarely shrubs. Leaves alternate or spirally arranged; stipules linear or rarely leaflike, caducous, rarely persistent; petiole usually long and swollen at both ends; leaf blade margin serrate or entire, pinnately veined. Inflorescence axillary, racemose. Flowers bisexual, 4- or 5-merous. Sepals 4 or 5, valvate, abaxially usually pubescent. Petals 4 or 5, white, free, margin laciniate, rarely entire or lobed. Stamens 8 to numerous; filaments short; anthers 2-celled, dehiscing from apical slits, with awn or hairs at tip. Disk usually glandularly 5-10-lobed, rarely circular. Ovary superior, 2-5(-7)-loculed; ovules 2-12 per locule; style linear or subulate. Fruit a drupe, 1(or 5)-loculed; endocarp hard, bony, surface usually lacunose. Seeds usually 1 per locule, with fleshy endosperm; cotyledons thin; embryo straight or curved.

About 360 species: primarily in the Old World tropics; 39 species (14 endemic) in China.

经济区 Economic Plants Area, 中心区 Central Area, 分类区 Classified Area, 木本花卉区 Woody Accrescent Area, 濒危园 Endangered Plants Garden, 标本园 Specimens Garden, 引种苗圃 Introducing Plants Nursery, 蒲岗保护区 Pu Gang Reserve

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