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Pterospermum Schreber


Description from Flora of China

Trees or shrubs, stellate velutinous or scurfy and scaly. Leaves simple; stipules linear to palmately fimbriate, sometimes forming nectaries, caducous; petiole short; leaf blade lobed or not, leathery, base often oblique, margin entire or serrate, apex sometimes truncate; juvenile leaves sometimes much larger, petiole long, leaf blade often with peltate base and prominently palmately lobed. Inflorescence axillary, 1-flowered or cymose and 1-5-flowered. Flowers bisexual; epicalyx lobes usually 3, usually distant from calyx, entire, fimbriate, or palmately lobed, rarely absent, caducous. Calyx 5(or 6)-lobed, divided nearly to base, usually spreading to ± reflexed, caducous. Petals 5, white or yellow, often erect. Androgynophore present, very short, glabrous. Stamens 15, in 5 groups of 3 alternating with staminodes; filaments connate into tube, free at top; anthers 2-celled, cells parallel, connective pointed; staminodes 5, filiform, longer and thicker than filaments. Ovary 5-locular; ovules 4-22 per locule; style clavate or filiform; stigma longitudinally 5-grooved. Fruit a schizocarp, cylindric or ovoid, angular or rounded, usually woody, sometimes leathery, dehiscent into 5 loculicidal mericarps when mature. Seeds 2 to many per locule, with long, oblong, membranous wing; endosperm scanty or absent; cotyledons usually plicate, simple. 2n = 38.

Sterculia peltata G. Don (Gen. Hist. 1: 517. 1831), based on material from China, has long petiolate 5-lobed peltate leaves that are abaxially puberulent and adaxially glabrous, and has stems and petioles with a white tomentum. The leaf form is much more suggestive of juvenile material of Pterospermum than a species of Sterculia but the white indumentum is difficult to match with the species known from China.

Between 18 and 40 species: tropical and subtropical Asia; nine species (five endemic) in China.

中心区 Central Area, 分类区 Classified Area, 药用植物园 Medicinal Plants Area, 荫生植物区 Shady Plants Area, 木本花卉区 Woody Accrescent Area, 标本园 Specimens Garden, 引种苗圃 Introducing Plants Nursery

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