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Cercis chuniana Metc.


Description from Flora of China

Cercis likiangensis Chun ex Y. Chen.

Trees, 6-27 m tall. Trunk to 20 cm d.b.h., bark grayish. Young branchlets reddish, becoming brownish red when dry; lenticels numerous, dense, small. Petiole 0.9-1.3 cm, slender, both ends slightly inflated; leaf blade rhombic-ovate, 5-9 × 3-5 cm, papery, both surfaces often glaucous especially adaxially, abaxially sparsely puberulent on axils of veins at base, base obtusely triangular, asymmetric, apex long acuminate. Ra­cemes 3-5 cm, 7-15-flowered. Flower 1-1.3 mm; pedicel 0.8-1 cm, slender. Calyx broadly campanulate, 5-6 mm; teeth 5, shallow. Petals rose-pink to whitish pink; filaments hairy only at very base, otherwise glabrous. Legume purplish red, be­coming reddish brown when dry, very compressed, narrowly oblong, 6-9 × 1.3-1.7 cm, both ends acute, apex with sharp, small beak 2-3 mm; wing narrow, less than 1 mm wide; stipe 4-5 mm; fruiting pedicel 1-1.5 cm. Seeds 2-5, blackish brown, compressed, broadly ovoid-orbicular, ca. 6 × 5 mm, smooth. Fl. unknown, fr. Sep-Nov.

● Mountain valleys, open or dense forests, by streams; 600-1900 m. Fujian, N Guangdong, NE Guangxi, SE Guizhou, SE Hunan, S Jiangxi, ?Zhejiang.

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