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Erigeron karvinskianus DC.

Description from Flora of China

Herbs, short-lived perennial, caespitose, [10-]15-40+[-100] cm tall; caudex short, simple or few branched, taprooted. Stems creeping or prostrate to ascending or erect, sometimes rooting at nodes, branched upward, sometimes with axillary leaf tufts, sparsely strigose to glabrate, eglandular. Leaves: basal and lower usually withered at anthesis, petiolate, petiole narrowly winged, blade elliptic or obovate; cauline shortly petiolate, elliptic to obovate or oblanceolate, 1-4 × 0.3-1.4 cm, even sized, surfaces sparsely strigose to glabrate, eglandular, base attenuate to cuneate, margin 2-4-lobed or entire, slightly revolute, strigose, apex acute or acuminate, mucronulate. Capitula 1 or 2[-5] at ends of upper branches, 5-7 × 10-13 mm. Involucre campanulate; phyllaries 3- or 4-seriate, membranous, linear to lanceolate, 1.5-3.3 × 0.3-0.6 mm, sparsely strigose, apex acuminate, outer slightly shorter, green along midvein, inner margin narrowly scarious, erose. Ray florets female, 1- or 2-seriate, 45-80, 6-8 mm, tube 1-1.5 mm, lamina flat or slightly coiling, white, sometimes pinkish upon drying, linear, ca. 5 × 0.6 mm, 2-denticulate at apex, glabrous; disk florets bisexual, yellow, narrowly funnelform, tube ca. 2 mm, sparsely hairy, veins orange, lobes glabrous, apex papillate. Achenes oblong, flattened, ca. 0.8 mm (immature), sparsely strigose, 2-veined. Pappus 2-seriate, outer of short setae, inner bristles 15-27, ca. 2.5 mm. Fl. Mar-Nov.

Erigeron karvinskianus has become a pantropical and subtropical weed.

Hillsides, escaped from cultivation; ca. 700 m. Naturalized in Hong Kong [native to Central America and North America (Mexico)].

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