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Dinghushan | Family List | Oleaceae | Fraxinus

Fraxinus chinensis Roxb.


Description from Flora of China

Trees 3-20 m. Branchlets glabrous, sparsely villous puberulent or tomentose; buds broadly ovoid or conical, brown tomentose, pubescent or glandular hairy. Leaves 12-35 cm; petiole 3-9 cm; axis puberulent or pilose at first, leaflet joint glabrous or densely tomentose; leaflets 3-7(-9); petiolule 2-15 mm; leaflet blade broadly ovate, ovate, to lanceolate or elliptic to obovate-lanceolate, 4-16 × 2-7 cm (terminal much larger), papery to somewhat leathery, glabrous or villous, sometimes villous only along veins abaxially, base blunt or cuneate, margin regularly serrate to crenate-serrate, sometimes entire in lower half, apex acute to long acuminate or caudate; primary veins 5-10 on each side of midrib. Panicles terminal or lateral, 5-10 cm. Flowers dioecious, opening with leaves. Staminate flowers congested; calyx cupular, 1-1.5 mm; corolla absent. Pistillate flowers lax; calyx tubular, 2-3 mm. Samara spatulate to very narrowly so, 2.5-4 cm × 3-7(-15) mm; wing decurrent to middle or lower part of nutlet.

Slopes, along rivers, roadsides, mixed woods; 800-2300 m. Throughout China [Japan, Korea, Russia, Vietnam]

生活型: 乔木

栽培植物: 栽培

特征: 落叶乔木;

花期: 1--3

果期: 6--9

生境: 栽培

用途: 小枝条适于编织提篮等用具;木材可作工具柄;树皮药用,治月经不调、小儿头疮;养白蜡虫寄主树;行道、护堤树种

门中名: 种子植物门

亚门中名: 被子植物亚门

纲中名: 双子叶植物纲



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