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Visiting the Herbarium

        The South China Botanical Garden Herbarium is open to any visitor who has reasonable reason to check the collections. Anyone who is going to visit this herbarium should make an appointment by contacting the director or assistant curator.

Director: Dianxiang Zhang
Phone: 86-20-3725-2543(O)

Assistant Curator: Feiyan Zeng
Phone: 86-20-3725-2692 (O)
Fax: 86-20-3725-2692

Mailing Address:
South China Botanical Garden
Leyiju, Guangzhou
Guangdong 510650, China

Herbarium Hours

  • Normal working hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00am-12:00pm, 2:00pm-5:00pm.
  • Special arrangements for checking specimens could be on weekends and holidays.

On Arrival
        Visitors had better arrive at normal working hours. On arrival, come to the herbarium to register with the assistant curator. Assistant curator will make a brief introduction to the facilities and collections of the herbarium. If you have to arrive after hours, you must tell the director or assistant curator in advance.

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