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General Information

        The Herbarium (IBSC) consists of two buildings: South Building and North Building. So far, all specimens are located in the north building. The Pteridophytes, Bryophytes, Gymnosperms, and Monocots are located in the 1st floor, while Dicot families from Magnoliaceae (family 1) to Moraceae (family 167) in the 3rd floor, from Urticaceae (family 169) to Lamiaceae (family 264) in the 2nd floor. All type specimens are located in the right corner of the 2nd floor. (left:South Building, right: North Building)

Filing Systems

Families of Angiosperms are arranged according to the system of Hutchinson; Families of Gymnosperms by Zheng Wan-jun system; families of Pteridophytes by Ching Ren-Chang system and Chen Bang-jie system for families of bryophytes. An index to the seed plants families and their family numbers can be found on the compactor range of each floor. Within a family, specimens are arranged alphabetically by genus. Within a genus, specimens are also arranged alphabetically by species. Some folders may have more than one taxon in them. The unidentified specimens are arranged at the end of corresponding family and genus. Please ask for assistance if you have any difficulty in locating materials.
  • Smoking: No smoking is allowed in the herbarium. 
  • Food and Beverages: No food or beverages are allowed in the compactor ranges. 
  • Incoming specimens: Specimens may not be brought into the herbarium until they have been treated for potential insect pests. Contact the curator or herbarium assistants to arrange to have materials treated.
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