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1. Burmannia Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 287. 1753; Gen. Pl. ed. 5, 139. 1754.

[For Johannes Burman, 1707–1779, Dutch botanist]

Plants annual, autotrophic, at least partly green. Rhizomes absent. Roots filiform. Stems usually unbranched, green. Leaves cauline, sometimes basal, green, purplish, or pale, scalelike to linear. Inflorescences 2–25-flowered cymes or flowers solitary; floral bracts sometimes appearing imbricate if internodes of cyme rachis are very short; pedicels 0–1 mm. Flowers erect, 3-ribbed to 3-winged; perianth persistent in fruit; annulus absent; stamens 3, proximal to inner perianth lobes, sessile; ovary 3-locular; placentation axile. Capsules obovoid to ellipsoid, transversely dehiscent.

Species ca. 60 (3 in the flora): mostly tropical and subtropical, Western Hemisphere, Africa, Asia (China).

1 Flowers 3-ribbed or slightly 3-winged; inflorescences usually appearing capitate; inner perianth lobes usually less than 2/3 length of outer lobes.   1 Burmannia capitata
+ Flowers distinctly 3-winged; inflorescences loosely flowered cymes or flowers solitary; inner perianth lobes 2/3 to nearly equaling length of outer lobes.   (2)
2 (1) Flowers bluish with perianth lobes paler, often cream-colored; basal leaves absent.   2 Burmannia biflora
+ Flowers yellow or greenish; basal leaves present.   3 Burmannia flava

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