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58. Eulophia R. Brown ex Lindley, Bot. Reg. 8: plate 686. 1823.

[Greek eu, well, and lophos, plume, crest, alluding to the crest on the lip]

Gustavo A. Romero-González

Platypus Small & Nash

Herbs, terrestrial [rarely epiphytic], cespitose. Stems modified into corms [pseudobulbs], concealed by leaf sheaths. Leaves usually caducous, 1–several [sometimes much reduced, scalelike], basal, distichous, imbricate near base, clustered distally, nearly [distinctly] petiolate; blade plicate, not articulate with leaf sheaths, leathery. Inflorescences lateral, arising from base of corm [pseudobulb], racemes [rarely paniculate], erect. Flowers resupinate, showy; sepals and petals distinct [lateral sepals sometimes connate at base] and free, sepals erect to spreading; lip adnate or articulate to column foot, concave, saccate [sometimes spurred], 3-lobed; disc with erect lamellae; column erect, slightly arcuate, semiterete, long, more than 10 mm [short], basally produced into conspicuous foot, with shallow lateral wings distally; anther terminal, incumbent, 1-locular, operculate, 2-lobed at apex [entire]; pollinarium with 2 pollinia, yellow, nearly triangular to nearly circular, sulcate, cartilaginous; stipe short, inconspicuous [conspicuous, ligulate], viscidium semicircular [semilunar]. Fruits capsules, pendent when mature.

Species 215 (1 in the flora): pantropical.


Cribb, P. J. 1987. The genus Eulophia in Africa. In: K. Kondo and K. Hashimoto, eds. 1987. World Orchid Hiroshima Symposium…. [Sekai Ran Kaigi Hiroshima Taikai.] Hiroshima. Pp. 97–103. Cribb, P. J. 1989. Eulophia. In: W. B. Turrill et al., eds. 1952+. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 152+ vols. London and Rotterdam. Orchidaceae, part 3, pp. 422–480.

Lower Taxon


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