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27. Lloydia Salisbury ex Reichenbach, Fl. Germ. Excurs. 102. 1830.
[name conserved]

Alp-lily [for Edward Lloyd (Lhwyd in Welsh), 1660–1709, curator of the Oxford Museum, who first found Lloydia serotina in the mountains of Wales]

James L. Reveal & Frederick H. Utech

Herbs, perennial, caulescent, glabrous, from short rhizomes with persistent leaf sheaths simulating brown, papery, tunicate bulbs. Leaves 2–8, reduced and alternate distally; blade linear or lanceolate. Inflorescences terminal, racemose, 1–2[–several]-flowered, loose, leafy-bracteate. Flowers slightly fragrant; perianth white with greenish to purplish veins, or yellow; tepals marcescent, 6, spreading, distinct, equal, transversely corrugate, with small, nectariferous gland above base; stamens 6, inserted at base of tepals; filaments slender; anthers basifixed, ellipsoid, latrorse; ovary superior, 3-locular; style persistent, distinct, 3-fid, short, lobes short. Fruit capsular, obovoid to globose, dehiscence loculicidal. Seeds black, 3-angled. x = 12.

Species 10–12 (1 in the flora): w North America, Eurasia.

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