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14. Lloydia Reichenbach, Fl. Germ. Excurs. 102. 1830.
[nom. cons.]

洼瓣花属 wa ban hua shu

Chen Xinqi (陈心启 Chen Sing-chi); Nicholas J. Turland

Giraldiella Dammer (1905), not Müller (Halle) (1898); Huolirion F. T. Wang & T. Tang.

Herbs perennial, small, bulbiferous. Bulbs usually ovoid, covered with a tunic; tunic generally with a collar of persistent leaf bases, apex splitting longitudinally. Stem simple. Leaves usually filiform; basal leaves 1 to several, rather long. Inflorescence terminal, 1--4-flowered. Flowers bisexual. Tepals 6, free, white or yellow, sometimes mottled with purple, usually with a nectary, hairs, or lamellae near base adaxially. Stamens 6, inserted at base of tepals; filaments erect, sometimes hairy; anthers basifixed. Ovary 3-loculed; ovules numerous per locule. Style rather long; stigma scarcely or slightly 3-lobed. Fruit a capsule, distally loculicidal. Seeds numerous, deltoid to narrowly ovate-linear, sometimes winged at 1 end.

About 20 species: temperate regions of the N hemisphere; eight species (two endemic) in China.

1 Basal leaves 1 or 2; filaments glabrous.   (2)
+ Basal leaves 3--8; filaments hairy (sometimes glabrous in L. oxycarpa).   (4)
2 (1) Style 2.5--4 × as long as ovary; stigma shortly 3-lobed   4 Lloydia yunnanensis
+ Style nearly as long as to slightly longer than ovary; stigma indistinctly 3-lobed.   (3)
3 (2) Tepals white, greenish veined; seeds globose   1 Lloydia triflora
+ Tepals white, violet veined, base mottled with purple; seeds subdeltoid or crescent-shaped-deltoid, flat   2 Lloydia serotina
4 (1) Tepals 0.9--1.3 cm, neither hairy nor lamellar; style ca. 3 mm; filaments glabrous or sparsely pubescent   3 Lloydia oxycarpa
+ Tepals 1.3--2 cm, inner ones generally hairy or lamellar near base adaxially (smooth in L. flavonutans); style 4--5 mm; filaments usually densely villous.   (5)
5 (4) Tepals white, mottled with purple; leaves and bracts white pubescent at margin, particularly at base of bracts; outer tepals slightly narrower than inner ones   8 Lloydia ixiolirioides
+ Tepals yellow; leaves and bracts generally glabrous, rarely slightly pubescent at margin; outer tepals ca. 2/3 as wide as inner ones.   (6)
6 (5) Inner tepals crested-lamellar near base adaxially   5 Lloydia tibetica
+ Inner tepals not crested-lamellar.   (7)
7 (6) Tepals villous or rarely slightly hairy at or near base adaxially   6 Lloydia delavayi
+ Tepals glabrous adaxially   7 Lloydia flavonutans

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