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53c. Sorbus Linnaeus subg. Sorbus

Shrubs or trees, to 150 dm. Winter buds glutinous or not. Leaves pinnately compound at least proximally; petiole nodes 5-lacunate; leaflet margins usually serrate, rarely almost entire. Flowers: styles distinct. Pomes: epidermis single-layered; flesh without tanniferous cells; core absent.

Species 72 (8 in the flora): North America, Eurasia, n Africa, Atlantic Islands; introduced in Pacific Islands (New Zealand).

Four of the 11 recognized sections of subg. Sorbus occur in the flora area.

1 Leaflets minutely, densely papillose abaxially (at 70× ); carpels in fruit distinct in distal 1/2, apices convex; winter buds densely hairy, hairs usually whitish, rarely rufous, not glutinous.   53c.1 Sorbus sect. Sorbus
+ Leaflets not papillose abaxially; carpels in fruit connate or distinct, apices flat or convex; winter buds glabrous, glutinous, or hairy, hairs usually rufous, sometimes whitish   (2)
2 (1) Winter buds mostly glutinous; carpel apices flat or convex.   53c.2 Sorbus sect. Commixtae
+ Winter buds never strongly glutinous; carpel apices convex   (3)
3 (2) Leaflets not glaucous adaxially; flowers: perianth and androecium epigynous; carpels connate entire lengths; pomes red, not glaucous.   53c.3 Sorbus sect. Sambucifoliae
+ Leaflets somewhat glaucous adaxially; flowers: perianth and androecium semiepigynous; carpels distinct most of lengths; pomes pinkish red, glaucous.   53c.4 Sorbus sect. Tianshanicae

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