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1. Acmella Rich. ex Pers.


Acmella paniculata

Credit: HAST

Annual or perennial herbs. Leaves opposite and/or basally rosulate. Heads solitary or in cymes, radiate, disciform, or discoid. Involucral bracts in one to three rows, subequal or with outer row spreading and longer, entire or irregularly dentate. Ray florets, when present, 2- or 3-lobed, variously colored; disc florets 4- or 5-lobed, variously colored. Achenes ciliate, glabrous or sometimes with corky margins; ray achenes broadly ovate or elliptic, 3-angled; disc achenes ellipsoid, strongly compressed. Pappus absent or of up to 10 soft bristles.

Pantropical, about 30 species; two species in Taiwan.

Jansen, R. K. 1985. The Systematics of Acmella (Asteraceae-Heliantheae). Syst. Bot. Monogr. 8: 1-115.


1 Leaves broadly ovate to deltate, 5-10 cm long; heads 10.5-23.5 mm tall; cultivated plants.   Acmella oleracea
+ Leaves ovate-lanceolate to ovate, 2-4 cm long; heads 8.4-12.5 mm tall; indigenous plants.   Acmella paniculata

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