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Elephantopus L.


Elephantopus mollis

Credit: HAST

Perennial herbs, rigid, pubescent. Leaves alternate or basal, simple, pinnately veined. Heads long peduncled, homogamous, discoid, of 2-5 florets, collectively forming a head-like cluster. Involucre compressed, oblong; bracts ca. 8, dry, stiff, alternately flat and conduplicate, in 2 series, outer 4 bracts shorter; bracts of glomerules large, foliaceous; receptacle naked. Corolla 5-lobed, cleft on one side, lobes somewhat palmately spreading. Base of anthers obtuse. Style arms subulate. Achenes truncate, 10-ribbed; pappus bristles rigid, persistent, equal in length, slender, dilated near base or palea-like, in 1 or 2 rows.

About thirty species. Pantropical, mainly in South America, with two widespread species in Taiwan.


1 Stems 35-90 cm tall; florets white; corolla ca. 5 mm long.   Elephantopus mollis
+ Stems 20-45 cm tall; florets pinkish-purple; corolla 7-9 mm long.   Elephantopus scaber

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