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Epaltes Cass.


Epaltes australis

Credit: HAST

Small perennial herbs, pubescent, branches spreading, prostrate, rather woody. Leaves alternate, obovate, dentate, sessile, not decurrent. Heads axillary, solitary, short peduncled, heterogamous, disciform, florets yellow. Involucre hemispheric, bracts 1- to 2-seriate, oblong, obtuse, scarious, entire, incurved in fruit. Receptacle naked. Outer florets pistillate, numerous, many-seriate, fertile, corolla elongate, slender, tubular, inflated below. Central disc florets bisexual, fewer, fertile, tubular, 4- or 5-dentate. Anthers sagittate at base. Style arms of pistillate and bisexual florets bifid. Achenes cylindric, slender, broadly 10-ribbed, hairy at base. Pappus absent.

About fourteen species in Australia, Africa, Asia and South and Central America; one species in Taiwan.

Lower Taxon

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