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Gerbera L.


Gerbera anandria

Credit: HAST

Perennials; stems scapiform, scaly-leaved. Radical leaves many, pinnately lobed. Heads solitary, dimorphic, vernal ones ligulate, autumnal ones tubular and cleistogamous. Involucres tubular; bracts imbricate, in few series, linear. Receptacle flat, alveolate. Ray florets pistillate, fertile or sterile, corollas bilabiate, outer lip elongate, 3-toothed. Disc florets bisexual, tubular, corollas bilabiate. Autumnal flowers fertile. Anthers sagittate at base, tails connate, acuminate. Achenes fusiform, more or less flattened, hairy; pappus copious, bristles many, smooth or scaberulous, persistent.

About five species in eastern Asia; one in Taiwan.

Lower Taxon

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