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Nemosenecio (S. Kitamura) B. Nordenstam


PENG, Ching-I & CHUNG, Shih-Wen

Nemosenecio formosanus

Credit: HAST

Biennial or perennial herbs. Stems erect, rhizomatous, with fibrous roots. Leaves simple, petiolate, basal and lower cauline leaves usually withered at anthesis; blades braodly ovate to ovate-oblong in outline, pinnately veined, deeply pinnatipartite, lobes dentate-lobulate; petioles not winged. Heads few to moderately numerous in terminal loose subumbelliform cymes; heterogamous, radiate, pedunculate, peduncles slender. Involucre ecalyculate, broadly campanulate, cupuliform or subhemispheric; involucral bracts 6-8 or 10-13, oblong to ovate-lanceolate, with minutely puberulous tips and scarious margins. Ray florets 5-13, yellow, corolla linear-lanceolate, oblong-lanceolate or oblong, 4 or 5 veined, apex shortly 3-dentate. Disc florets many, corolla yellow, limb campanulate, 5-lobed. Anthers rounded or obturse at base; anther-collars narowly cylindric or cylindric. Style branches short, truncate, with rather short, obtuse marginal papillae. Achenes oblong, ribbed, glabrous or pubescent. Pappus of many fine, white bristles, or rarely absent.

Six species in Korea, Japan and China; one species in Taiwan.

  • Jeffrey, C. & Y. L. Chen. 1984. Taxonomic studies on the tribe Senecioneae (Compositae) of Eastern Asia. Kew. Bull. 39(2): 205-446.
  • Koyama, H. 1969. Taxonomic studies on the tribe Senecioneae of eastern Asia. II. Enumeration of the species of the species eastern Asia. Mem. Fac. Sci. Kyoto Univ., Ser. Biol. 2(2): 137-183.
  • Nordenstaam, B. 1978. Taxonomic studies in the tribe Senecioneae (Compositae). Opera Bot. 44: 1-83.

Lower Taxon

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