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Syneilesis Maxim.


Syneilesis subglabrata

Credit: HAST

Stout perennial herbs. Radical leaves peltate, palmatisect, cobwebby hairy when young; cauline leaves alternate, few, petiole completely clasping stem. Heads erect in anthesis, in corymbs or panicles. Involucre narrowly tubular, with 2 or 3 linear bractlets at base; bracts usually 5, in 1 series, free, rather thick. Receptacle flat, glabrous; tubular florets bisexual, fertile, corolla 5-lobed, whitish or reddish. Style branches elongate, obtuse to depressed deltoid or penicillate. Anther base short sagittate, tails connate. Achenes terete, striate. Pappus bristles many, unequal or nearly equal, scabrous.

Seven species in Korea, Japan and China; two species in Taiwan.

Syneilesis is sometimes confused with Parasenecio. It differs from the latter in the base of the petiole of the cauline leave completely enclosing the stem and in the simple cotyledons folded longitudinally.


1 Heads corymbosely arranged, involucre 9-11 mm long.   Syneilesis intermedia
+ Heads paniculately arranged, involucre 6-8 mm long.   Syneilesis subglabrata

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