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Carpesium abrotanoides L., Sp. Pl. 860. 1753; Kitamura, Mem. Coll. Sci. Kyoto Imp. Univ., Ser. B, Biol. 13: 269. 1937; Li, Fl. Taiwan 4: 819. 1978.


Stems 50-100 cm long, stout, terete, leafy, pubescent apically, much branched. Lower cauline leaves thin, broadly elliptic to oblong, 20-28×8.5-15 cm, apex obtuse to acute, narrowed at base into a broadly winged petiole, margins irregularly mucronulate-dentate, glandular-dotted beneath, short-pubescent on both sides; upper leaves oblong, sessile, gradually smaller, acute. Heads many, 6-8 mm broad, sessile, spicately arranged, usually without bracts, deflexed in anthesis. Involucre campanulate-globose, bracts 3-seriate, outer ones shortest, ovate-acuminate, short-pubescent, scarious-coriaceous at base, herbaceous toward apex, median and inner bracts oblong, rounded at apex. Florets 130-300; corolla of outer florets cylindric, 1.5-0.5 mm, of central florets 2.5 mm long. Achenes ca. 3.5 mm long, beak ca. 0.7 mm long.

TAIPEI: Sasaki 145, 5053. TAICHUNG: Lishan, Hsu 8726.

Japan, Korea, central and eastern China. Taiwan, in thickets, rare.


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