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Haraella retrocalla (Hayata) Kudo, J. Trop. Agric. 2: 27. 1930; Liu & Su, Fl. Taiwan 5: 1027. 1978.


  • Gastrochilus odoratus (Kudo) Masam.
  • Gastrochilus retrocallus Hayata
  • Haraella odorata Kudo
  • Saccolabium odoratum (Kudo) Makino & Nemoto
  • Saccolabium retrocallum Hayata

    Stems 1.5-2 cm long, densely rooting near base. Leaves oblong or falcate and oblanceolate, 3-8 cm long, 8-15 mm wide, apex acute or sometimes bifid, base cuneate, greenish on both surfaces, keeled along midrib on lower surface; sheaths surrounding stem. Racemes several, axillary; peduncle 4-8 cm long, flexuous, slender; bracts scale-like, 2 mm long; pedicel and ovary 1 cm long. Flowers 1-4, opening successively, sepals and petals yellow, widely spreading; sepals oblanceolate-oblong; 8-10 mm long, 35 mm wide, apex acute, base contracted; petal elongate oblong, 8-10 mm long, 2.5-3 mm wide; lip subpanduriform, 12-14 mm long, 8-10 mm wide, truncate or rounded at apex, truncate at base, constricted near middle, minutely fimbriate; disc dark red, with a broad yellow band along margin, pubescent on upper surface, glabrous on lower surface, hypochile with slightly erect side walls, with a retrorse callus pointing to base; epichile truncate, rounded or emarginate at apex, slightly thickened toward center; column broad, to 3 mm long; anther cap semispherical, basal wall minutely serrulate; pollinia 2, porate or short sulcate, 1 mm in diam.; stipe broad, involute, 2 mm long; viscidium horseshoe-shaped; rostellum, consisting of 2 bony stipitate protuberances. Capsules fusiform, 2-3 cm long, trigonous.

    TAIPEI: Tungyuanshan, Su 91; Wulaishan, Su 7674*. ILAN: Chingchowshan, Su & Hsu 8590. MIAOLI: Manapanshan, Su & Chen 8877. KAOHSIUNG: Dona, Su et al. 7521; Tengtze, Su 9240. PINGTUNG: Linungshan Su & Chen 9165. TAITUNG: Tapushan, Su s. n. Dec 1969; Hsinkangshan, Su & Chen 7716.

    Endemic, broadleaved forests at 500-1,500 m throughout the island.


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