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Emilia sonchifolia var. javanica (Burm. f.) Mattfeld, Bot. Jahrb. 62: 445. 1929; Nicolson, Syst. Bot. 5(4): 399, fig. 4. 1980; Fosberg & Sachet, Smith. Contr. Bot. 46: 40. 1980.


  • Cacalia sonchifolia L.
  • Emilia sonchifolia (L.) DC.
  • Emilia taiwanensis S. S. Ying
  • Hieracium javanicum Burm. f.

    Annual herbs. Stems 20-45 cm tall, branched except at base, nearly glabrous to sparsely pilose, glaucous. Lower leaves thick, closely arranged, 5-10×2.5-6.5 mm wide, lyrately pinnatifid, loosely short pubescent, lower surface usually purplish, winged-petiolate, sagittate and clasping at base, margins entire or irregularly serrulate, sessile; uppermost leaves linear, small, few. Heads 2-5, terminal, 8 mm long, accrescent to 14 mm long, in corymbs. Florets pale purple, 15-35, corolla lobes 1.1-1.5 mm long. Involucre tubular, bracts in 1 series, equal, oblong linear, acute; 9 mm long. Achenes 3×0.5 mm, 5-ribbed, ribs puberulous. Pappus white, 8 mm long, bristles slender.

    TAIPEI: Huayuanhsincheng, Peng 118; Chingmeishan, Wang 2996. ILAN: Yuanshan, Hsu & Kao 8377. TAOYUAN: Chuang & Kao 3128. HSINCHU: Simizu 43. TAICHUNG: Mori s. n. 1936. PENGHU: Chimei Is., Huang 7085. PINGTUNG: Liuchiu Isl., Hosokawa s. n. 1930. TAITUNG: Lanyu Is., Huang & Kao 5076. HUALIEN: Tienhsiang, Huang 4322.

    Widely distributed in the South Pacific islands from Indonesia to eastern Polynesia, Japan and China. Taiwan, common in coastal regions, sandy places, wastelands, roadside and paddy ridges, sea level to about 850 m.


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