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FOC | Family List | FOC Vol. 2-3 | Gleicheniaceae

1. Dicranopteris Bernhardi, Neues J. Bot. 1(2): 38. 1805.

芒萁属 mang qi shu

Authors: Bingyang Ding, Jin Xiaofeng & Kunio Iwatsuki

Hicriopteris C. Presl.

Rhizomes slender, long creeping, covered with multicellular hairs. Fronds distant, erect or somewhat scandent; rachis often several times dichotomously branched with dormant buds in dichotomies, with normal pinnules only at apex, each dichotomy usually with a pair of lateral pinnae, these shallowly to more usually deeply pectinately pinnatifid; dormant apical buds covered with stiff hairs, usually subtended by stipulelike bracts; ultimate pinnae deeply pectinately pinnatifid, lanceolate or broadly lanceolate, sessile; lobes horizontally spreading, margin entire or rarely crenate, often narrowly revolute; most veins 2- or 3-forked with (3 or)4-6 veinlets. Sori orbicular, exindusiate, in 1(-3) line on each side of costule; sporangia 6-18, sessile; spores tetrahedral [or ellipsoid], without perispore, smooth.

About ten species: mainly in tropical and subtropical areas; five species (two endemic) in China.

1 Rachis 1(or 2) times dichotomously branched, without lateral pinnae; sporangia 12-18 per sorus.   1 D. splendida
+ Rachis 1-8 times dichotomously branched, most dichotomies with a pair of lateral pinnae; sporangia 5-8(-15) per sorus   (2)
2 (1) Sori in 2 or 3 irregular lines on each side of costule; ultimate pinna lobes 8-10 mm wide.   2 D. ampla
+ Sori in 1 line on each side of costule; ultimate pinna lobes 2-6 mm wide   (3)
3 (2) Ultimate pinna lobes broader, 4-6 mm wide; apical buds with subtending bracts fugacious, so buds often apparently ebracteate.   3 D. taiwanensis
+ Ultimate pinna lobes narrower, 2-4.5 mm wide; apical buds with subtending bracts more persistent   (4)
4 (3) Plants up to 4 m tall; ultimate pinnae 35-40 ?9-15 cm; lobes 3-8 cm.   4 D. gigantea
+ Plants ca. 1 m tall; ultimate pinnae 15-25(-35) ?4-8(-10) cm; lobes 1.5-5 cm.   5 D. pedata

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