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1. Dicranopteris Bernhardi, Neues J. Bot. 1(2): 38. 1805.

Forking ferns [Greek dikranos, twice-forked, and pteris, fern, derived from pteron, feather, in reference to the leaf architecture]

Clifton E. Nauman

Stems long-creeping; hairs many celled, rigid to lax. Leaves usually separated several centimeters, of apparently indeterminate growth; pinnae opposite, in 1--several pairs, each pinna 1--many times forked, equal, each fork bearing arrested apex (bud) covered with tuft of hairs (all other axes glabrous) and pair of stipulelike appendages. Penultimate segments pectinate, in ± equal pairs, usually ascending. Veins 2--4-forked. Sori with 6--15 or more sporangia, not paraphysate. Spores trilete.

Species 8--12 (1 in the flora): nearly worldwide in tropical and subtropical regions.

Lower Taxon


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