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18. Dictyocline T. Moore, Gard. Chron. 1855: 854. 1855.

圣蕨属 sheng jue shu

Authors: Youxing Lin & Kunio Iwatsuki

Plants medium-sized, terrestrial. Rhizomes short and erect or ascending, including stipe bases with sparse scales; scales lanceolate, dark brown, thick, margins setaceous. Fronds clustered; stipes grayish stramineous, grooved adaxially, throughout with hairs; laminae elliptic or triangular, cordate at bases, 1-pinnate or pinnatifid, or simple, acuminate at apices; laminae if pinnate then with 1-6 pairs of lateral pinnae, pinnae broadly lanceolate, bases rounded, symmetrical, margins entire, free or adnate to rachises, obliquely spreading, apices acuminate; costae raised on both sides, veinlets evident, oblique distally and reaching margins, reticulate, thick and evident, areoles in 3 or 4 rows, slightly tetragonal or pentagonal, without included veinlet or simple or forked included veinlets. Laminae papery, dark brown when dry, rough, with dense hooked thick hairs on both surfaces. Sori scattered on included veinlets, exindusiate; sporangia bearing erect acicular hairs near annuli; spores elliptic, echinate. x = 36.

Four species: Bhutan, China, N India, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam; four species (two endemic) in China.

1 Laminae pinnate, with 1-6 pairs of free lateral pinnae, without included veinlet in areoles   (2)
+ Laminae pinnatifid or not lobed, ?with simple or forked included veinlets in areoles   (3)
2 (1) Laminae ternate at top, free lateral pinnae 1-3(or 4) pairs, 3-4 cm wide, entire.   1 D. griffithii
+ Laminae pinnatifid at top, free lateral pinnae 4-6 pairs, ca. 2 cm wide, usually undulate.   2 D. mingchegensis
3 (1) Laminae with long acicular hairs abaxially, transverse veins between lateral veins indistinct, few included veinlets in rectangular areoles on both sides of rachises and costae, rarely joining into small square areoles.   3 D. wilfordii
+ Laminae puberulent abaxially only, or very few acicular hairy, transverse veins between lateral veins distinct, more included veinlets in larger areoles on both sides of rachises or costae, these included veinlets joining again into smaller square areoles.   4 D. sagittifolia

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