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69. Mentha Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 576. 1753.

薄荷属 bo he shu

Herbs annual or perennial, aromatic, often rhizomatous or stoloniferous. Upper leaves sessile or subsessile; blade margin dentate, serrate, or crenate. Verticillasters (2-6)- to many flowered; floral leaves similar to stem leaves or reduced; bracts lanceolate to linear, ± distinct. Flowers bisexual or pistillate. Calyx funnelform to campanulate, 10-13-veined, throat glabrous or hairy, limb equally 5-toothed or 2-lipped, upper lip 3-toothed, lower lip 2-toothed. Corolla funnelform, ± regular or slightly irregular; tube generally included, throat slightly dilated or saccate in front, limb 4-lobed; lobes equal, entire, upper lobe slightly wider, emarginate or 2-lobulate. Stamens 4, subequal, divaricate, erect, exserted in bisexual flowers, included and often rudimentary in pistillate flowers, posterior 2 slightly longer than anterior 2; filaments glabrous; anther cells 2, parallel. Style exserted, apex equally 2-cleft. Nutlets ovoid, dry, smooth or slightly tuberculate, apex rounded, rarely hairy.

About 30 species: mainly in north temperate regions, a few in the Southern Hemisphere; six native and six cultivated species in China.

A number of species are widely cultivated for their aromatic properties and many cultivars have been developed.

1 Calyx tubular or campanulate-tubular, slightly curved, 2-lipped; teeth of upper lip lanceolate-triangular, shorter than subulate teeth of lower lip; tube hairy at throat inside, closed in fruit, hirtellous outside, conspicuously veined; corolla saccate at throat in front   12 Mentha pulegium
+ Calyx broadly campanulate or funnelform-campanulate, straight, regular; teeth ± equal; tube glabrous at throat, spreading in fruit, obscurely veined, not hirtellous; corolla throat slightly dilated, not saccate.   (2)
2 (1) Verticillasters widely spaced, inserted in leaf axils, sometimes along entire stem; leaves longer than verticillasters; corolla throat hairy.   (3)
+ Verticillasters in leafless, terminal, capitate or spicate inflorescences, upper ones contiguous; floral leaves linear or nearly similar to stem leaves; corolla throat hairy or glabrous inside.   (4)
3 (2) Stems much branched, puberulent at apex and along angles at base; leaves 3-5(-7) cm, sparsely coarsely dentate-serrate; calyx teeth puberulent; stamens and style usually slightly exserted   1 Mentha canadensis
+ Stems unbranched or branched at apex, densely pubescent; leaves (2.5-)4-9 cm, irregularly shallow serrate; calyx teeth pilose; stamens and style usually much exserted   2 Mentha sachalinensis
4 (2) Verticillasters 1-3, in short, capitate, rarely elongated inflorescences; basal verticillasters sometimes remote from upper, axillary, with large floral leaves; calyx tubular; corolla hairy inside; nutlets glabrous   3 Mentha dahurica
+ Verticillasters in spicate continuous or interrupted inflorescences; floral leaves linear or similar to stem leaves, generally minute; calyx campanulate; corolla throat glabrous inside; nutlets apex hairy.   (5)
5 (4) Leaves crisped, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, incised-serrate; calyx teeth slightly close together   10 Mentha crispata
+ Leaves not crisped; calyx teeth not close together in fruit.   (6)
6 (5) Leaves glabrous or subglabrous, dark green or shiny green.   (7)
+ Leaves hairy at least abaxially.   (9)
7 (6) Adaxial stem leaves sessile or subsessile; inflorescences slender, 4-10 cm, interrupted; plants shiny green   9 Mentha spicata
+ Adaxial stem leaves petiolate; inflorescences robust, interrupted at base; plants dark green.   (8)
8 (7) Stem leaves lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, apex acute; calyx teeth ciliate   7 Mentha X piperita
+ Stem leaves ovate to elliptic, apex obtuse; calyx teeth not ciliate   8 Mentha citrata
9 (6) All leaves sessile, corrugate, margin crenate or crenate-serrate   11 Mentha suaveolens
+ Lower leaves sometimes petiolate, leaves not corrugate when all sessile, not crenate or crenate-serrate.   (10)
10 (9) Plants densely gray tomentose, much branched   6 Mentha vagans
+ Plants not entirely densely gray tomentose, not much branched.   (11)
11 (10) Leaves mostly sessile, coarsely serrate-dentate, dark green or green and hairy, sometimes abaxially densely appressed tomentose-pubescent; inflorescence robust; pedicel tomentose-villous; calyx as long as corolla tube, spreading hairy, teeth as long as tube; corolla ca. 4 mm   4 Mentha longifolia
+ Leaves short petiolate or subsessile, remotely shallow unequal dentate, glaucous, finely minutely tomentose or crisped tomentose; inflorescences rather slender, sometimes interrupted; pedicel appressed pubescent; calyx shorter than corolla tube, appressed pubescent, teeth 3/4 as long as tube; corolla 4-5 mm   5 Mentha asiatica

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