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83. Oreorchis Lindley, J. Proc. Linn. Soc., Bot. 3: 26. 1858.

山兰属 shan lan shu

Authors: Xinqi Chen, Phillip J. Cribb & Stephan W. Gale

Herbs, terrestrial. Pseudobulb cormlike, subterranean, ovoid-oblong, several noded, with fibrous roots at base, occasionally persisting and remaining connected to pseudobulbs produced in subsequent years by means of a slender rhizome. Leaves 1 or 2, arising from apex of pseudobulb, linear to oblong-lanceolate, plicate, tapering into a long petiole-like stalk at base, often with 1 or 2 membranous sheaths at base. Inflorescence arising from an intermediate node of pseudobulb, erect, terminal, with several tubular sheaths, racemose; rachis several to many flowered; floral bracts persistent, membranous. Flowers small to medium-sized, resupinate. Sepals and petals free, similar, spreading; lateral sepals sometimes shallowly saccate at base. Lip 3-lobed or entire, clawed at base, without a spur; disk usually with a pair of longitudinal lamellae or a callus, rarely without either. Column long, slightly arcuate, base sometimes dilated, but without a conspicuous foot; anther terminal, incumbent; pollinia 4, subglobose, waxy, borne on a common stipe and attached to a globose viscidium.

About 16 species: Bhutan, E and SW China, NE India, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, E Russia (Far East, Siberia); 11 species (seven endemic) in China.

1 Leaves 2-4 cm, 2-4 × as long as wide, abruptly contracted at base into a distinct petiole-like stalk   (2)
+ Leaves 7-40 cm, 5-20 × as long as wide, tapering at base into a sometimes indistinct petiole-like stalk   (3)
2 (1) Inflorescence subdensely (2-)5-14-flowered; sepals 6-7 mm; lip 5-7 mm, yellow, with purple spots.   10 O. nana
+ Inflorescence laxly 1-3(or 4)-flowered; sepals 12-15 mm; lip 8-10 mm, white to pale purple, with purple spots.   11 O. oligantha
3 (1) Dorsal sepal 15-16 mm; column ca. 8 mm.   9 O. nepalensis
+ Dorsal sepal 5.5-11 mm; column 2.5-6 mm   (4)
4 (3) Lip lacking a callus, 3-lobed above middle or sometimes entire.   8 O. foliosa
+ Lip with a callus or a pair of lamellae, 3-lobed at or below middle, never entire   (5)
5 (4) Plants 2-leaved   (6)
+ Plants 1-leaved   (8)
6 (5) Flowers yellowish brown to pale yellow, lip white with purple spots; disk of lip with a pair of lamellae.   3 O. patens
+ Flowers white, lip white with red or pale brown spots on mid-lobe; disk of lip with a longitudinally channeled callus   (7)
7 (6) Dorsal sepal 5.5-6 mm.   1 O. micrantha
+ Dorsal sepal 9-11 mm.   2 O. fargesii
8 (5) Lip 3-lobed near middle; disk of lip with a longitudinally channeled, fleshy callus.   4 O. bilamellata
+ Lip 3-lobed below middle; disk of lip with a pair of lamellae   (9)
9 (8) Lip 6.5-8.5 mm; lateral lobes of lip ca. 3 mm.   3 O. patens
+ Lip 4.5-5 mm; lateral lobes of lip to 1.4 mm   (10)
10 (9) Lamellae on lip very short, less than 1 mm, positioned between bases of lateral lobes.   5 O. erythrochrysea
+ Lamellae on lip ca. 2 mm, positioned at base of lip and extending onto mid-lobe   (11)
11 (10) Plants 8-16 cm tall; petiole-like leaf base 1-3 cm.   6 O. parvula
+ Plants 20-35 cm tall; petiole-like leaf base ca. 6 cm.   7 O. angustata

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