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169. Paspalum Linnaeus, Syst. Nat., ed. 10. 2: 855. 1759.

雀稗属 que bai shu

Authors: Shou-liang Chen & Sylvia M. Phillips

Perennials or annuals. Culms tufted, or with creeping rhizomes and stolons. Leaf blades linear or narrowly lanceolate, flat; ligule membranous. Inflorescence composed of single, digitate or scattered racemes; rachis flat, often winged; spikelets single or paired, pedicellate in 2–4 rows, densely crowded, lower lemma abaxial. Spikelets orbicular, ovate or elliptic plano-convex; lower glume absent or rarely present as a small scale; upper glume as long as spikelet or nearly so, rarely absent, convex, membranous to subpapery, 3–7-veined; lower lemma resembling upper glume, flat, neuter without palea; upper lemma usually coriaceous to crustaceous, rarely softer, margins inrolled, apex obtuse to apiculate. x = 10.

About 330 species:tropical and warm-temperate regions, especially in the New World; 16 species (two endemic, eight introduced) in China.

This genus includes a number of good forage grasses and also some widespread weeds.

1 Spikelets with a marginal ciliate fringe of silky hairs; hairs 1–2 mm   (2)
+ Spikelets glabrous or pubescent, without a marginal fringe of silky hairs   (5)
2 (1) Racemes 2, paired; stoloniferous perennial.   1 P. conjugatum
+ Racemes usually more than 2, spread along an axis   (3)
3 (2) Spikelets 3–4 mm; upper floret equal to 2/3 length of spikelet.   2 P. dilatatum
+ Spikelets 2–3 mm; upper floret equal to or only slightly shorter than spikelet   (4)
4 (3) Spikelets light green or purplish, ovate; upper glume pubescent, fringed along whole length.   3 P. urvillei
+ Spikelets brown, obovate; upper glume puberulous, fringed only above middle.   4 P. virgatum
5 (1) Upper glume and lower lemma broadly winged along margins.   5 P. fimbriatum
+ Upper glume and lower lemma not winged   (6)
6 (5) Both glumes absent; upper lemma papery, with conspicuous riblike veins.   6 P. malacophyllum
+ Upper glume present; upper lemma cartilaginous or coriaceous, with obscure veins   (7)
7 (6) Plants with long stolons and/or rhizomes; racemes 2(–3), paired, the spikelets borne singly; spikelets lanceolate to ovate or obovate   (8)
+ Plants tufted; racemes up to 20 along a common axis, the spikelets single or paired; spikelets broadly elliptic, obovate or suborbicular   (10)
8 (7) Plant with robust woody rhizomes; upper glume and lower lemma cartilaginous and shiny, obtuse.   7 P. notatum
+ Plant with slender stolons; upper glume and lower lemma papery, acute   (9)
9 (8) Upper glume pubescent; spikelets plano-convex, obovate-oblong.   8 P. distichum
+ Upper glume glabrous; spikelets strongly flattened, lanceolate-oblong.   9 P. vaginatum
10 (7) Fertile floret dark glossy brown at maturity; spikelets usually glabrous   (11)
+ Fertile floret yellowish green to pale brown at maturity; spikelets pubescent or glabrous   (13)
11 (10) Lower lemma conspicuously rugose inside margins; spikelets paired.   10 P. plicatulum
+ Lower lemma usually smooth, occasionally slightly rugose; spikelets usually single, occasionally paired   (12)
12 (11) Pedicels glabrous; nodes, culm apex and leaf blades often glabrous.   11 P. scrobiculatum
+ Pedicels pilose; nodes, culm apex and leaf blades densely hairy.   12 P. hirsutum
13 (10) Spikelets 1–1.5 mm.   13 P. paniculatum
+ Spikelets 2–3 mm   (14)
14 (13) Rachis 2–4 mm wide; spikelets 2–2.5 mm, paired, pubescent.   14 P. longifolium
+ Rachis 1–1.5 mm wide; spikelets 2.5–3 mm, single or loosely paired   (15)
15 (14) Upper glume pubescent especially along the margins; leaf blades hirsute, 5–8 mm wide.   15 P. thunbergii
+ Upper glume glabrous; leaf blades glabrous, 3–4 mm wide.   16 P. delavayi

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