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含羞草族 han xiu cao zu

Authors: Delin Wu & Ivan C. Nielsen

Leaves bipinnate. Flowers bisexual, polygamous, or andromonoecious (then upper flowers perfect, lower staminate or sterile), numerous in heads, spikes, or racemes, sometimes aggregated into compound inflorescences. Sepals usually 5, valvate or imbricate. Petals as many as sepals, valvate (except Dinizia), free to joined. Stamens usually 5-10, exserted, free or ± connate at base, sometimes petaloid in sterile flowers; anthers generally dorsifixed, with or without an apical gland; pollen simple or compound. Ovary sessile to stipitate; ovules 2 to many. Legumes usually compressed, occasionally terete, torulose, spirally twisted, or tetragonal and rarely winged, often curved, indehiscent or dehiscent along one or both margins, sometimes with valves separating from a persistent margin (replum) and breaking into 1-seeded segments. Seeds compressed, sometimes winged, exarillate, usually with a pleurogram.

About 40 genera and 860-880 species: distributed in the tropics and subtropics, less often in temperate regions, most numerous in tropical South America and tropical Africa; seven genera (five introduced) and 12 species (eight introduced) in China.

Dichrostachys cinerea (Linnaeus) Wight & Arnott and Prosopis juliflora (Swartz) Candolle are introduced and cultivated in China. However, they are not treated here because they are uncommon and not known to be naturalized.

1 Climbers or herbs   (2)
+ Trees, shrubs, or subshrubs   (3)
2 (1) Woody climbers, or trailing or scandent shrubs; leaves with pinnae in 2 pairs, tendrils present; legume jointed.   26 Entada
+ Perennial herbs; leaves with pinnae in 4-10 pairs, without tendrils; legume not jointed.   27 Neptunia
3 (1) Tall trees, 6-30 m tall   (4)
+ Small trees, shrubs, or subshrubs, 0.5-6 m tall   (5)
4 (3) Pinnae with leaflets in 28-60 pairs; flowers in club-shaped pendulous head; legume basally attenuate into a long stipe.   24 Parkia
+ Pinnae with leaflets in 4-7 pairs; flowers in racemes or panicles; legume basally not attenuate into a long stipe.   25 Adenanthera
5 (3) Armed plant; legume dehiscent in several segments separating from persistent sutures; leaflets sensitive.   29 Mimosa
+ Unarmed plant; legume not dehiscent in several segments separating from persistent sutures; leaflets not sensitive   (6)
6 (5) Small trees or shrubs, 2-6 m tall; pinnae with leaflets in 5-15 pairs; legume broadly linear.   28 Leucaena
+ Subshrubs, up to 2 m tall; pinnae with leaflets in 6-21 pairs; legume linear.   30 Desmanthus

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