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FOC | Family List | FOC Vol. 10 | Fabaceae | Gueldenstaedtia

2. Gueldenstaedtia verna (Georgi) Borissova, Spisok Rast. Gerb. Fl. S.S.S.R. Bot. Inst. Vsesojuzn. Akad. Nauk. 12: 122. 1953.

少花米口袋 shao hua mi kou dai

Astragalus vernus Georgi, Bemerk. Reise Russ. Reich. 1: 226. 1775; Amblytropis delavayi (Franchet) C. Y. Wu ex H. P. Tsui; A. maritima (Maximowicz) Kitagawa; A. pauciflora (Pal­las) Kitagawa; A. stenophylla Bunge; A. verna (Georgi) Kitaga­wa; Astragalus biflorus Pallas (1776), not Linnaeus (1771); A. brevicarinatus Candolle; A. cavaleriei H. Léveillé; A. pauci­florus Pallas; Gueldenstaedtia brachyptera Pampanini; G. brachyptera var. elongata (Pavolini) Pampanini; G. delavayi Franchet; G. delavayi f. alba H. P. Tsui; G. gansuensis H. P. Tsui; G. giraldii Harms; G. giraldii var. alba Jacot Guillarmod; G. giraldii f. elongata Pavolini; G. giraldii subsp. glabra Jacot Guillarmod; G. gracilis H. P. Tsui; G. guillonii Franchet; G. harmsii Ulbrich; G. maritima Maximowicz; G. multiflora Bunge; G. multiflora f. alba F. Z. Li; G. multiflora var. maritima (Maximowicz) Jacot Guillarmod; G. pauciflora (Pallas) Fischer; G. stenophylla Bunge; G. verna f. alba (H. P. Tsui) P. C. Li; G. verna f. multiflora (Bunge) H. P. Tsui; G. verna subsp. multi­flora (Bunge) H. P. Tsui.

Taproot straight. Stems short. Leaves imparipinnate, (1.5-) 2-20 cm, (5 or)7-19-foliolate; stipules persistent, triangular or ovate, joined at base; petiole white pilose; leaflets elliptic, oblong, narrowly obovate, or ovate (in spring) to lanceolate or linear (in autumn), (2-)5-25(-35) × (1-)1.5-7(-9) mm, both surfaces pilose or villous, adaxially rarely glabrous, apex vari­ably obtuse, rounded, truncate, retuse, or acute, and with mucro. Umbels 2-4(-8)-flowered; rachis variable in length, ca. 1/2 as long to as long as leaves or longer; bracts narrowly triangular, lanceolate, or linear, sometimes subulate, 2-3 mm; pedicel 0.5-1(-3) mm; bracteoles linear, shorter than calyx. Calyx (4-)5-7 mm, white pilose; teeth lanceolate, upper 2 longer. Corolla purplish red, purple, pink, rose, or white; standard ovate, ellip­tic, or obovate to orbicular, (0.6-)1.3(-1.4) cm, apex retuse or acuminate; wings obovate, (0.6-)1.1 cm, auriculate or cuneate, claw (0.8-)3 mm; keel obovate or ovate, (4-)5.5(-7) mm, claw (1.8-)2.5 mm. Ovary elliptic or cylindric, densely pilose or vil­lous; style glabrous, rolled inward. Legume cylindric or nar­rowly ovoid, (1-)1.5-2 cm × 3-4 mm, villous, pilose, or gla­brescent, dehiscent. Seeds reniform, ca. 1.5 mm in diam. Fl. (Mar-)May, fr. (May-)Jun-Jul(-Nov).

Roadsides, grasslands, hillsides, valleys, meadows, terraced fields, margins of farms, riverbanks, sandy soil, sea bluffs; sea level to 2600 m. Gansu, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin, Liao­ning, Nei Mongol, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Si­chuan, Tianjin, Yunnan, Zhejiang [India, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia].

A white-flowered form, Gueldenstaedtia verna f. alba (H. P. Tsui) P. C. Li (Vasc. Pl. Hengduan Mts. 1: 940. 1993), occurs in Beijing and Shandong.


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