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68. Taraxacum turritum Kirschner & Štepánek, Fl. China. 20-21: 301. 2011.

塔状蒲公英 ta zhuang pu gong ying

Type: China. Yunnan: "Zhongdian [中甸] Plateau (west), a path to Tian Shi Lake, Abies forest and alpine meadows," Jun 1995, A. J. Richards, cultivated as JK 4056 (holotype, PRA; isotypes, PRA).

Paratypes: China. Yunnan: ibidem, cultivated as JK 4052, JK 4053, JK 4054, JK 4055, JK 4058, JK 4059, JK 4061, JK 4062, JK 4063 (PRA); "Zhongdian Co. [中甸县], NW margin of Zhongdian Plateau," 23 May 1999, R. Businský & L. Businská s.n., cultivated as JŠ 7430, JŠ 7436, JŠ 7448 (PRA); "Zhongdian [中甸] Plateau (north), Napa Hai [纳帕海], meadows 7 km NW of the pass," Jun 1995, A. J. Richards s.n., cultivated as JK 4069, JK 4073 (PRA); "Zhongdian [中甸] Plateau (north), Napa Hai [纳帕海], road out of the plateau," Jun 1995, A. J. Richards s.n., cultivated as JK 4064 (PRA); "South end of Zhongdian [中甸] Plateau, ca. 45 km S of Zhongdian," Jun 1995, A. J. Richards s.n., cultivated as JK 4038, JK 4043 (PRA).

Plantae agamospermae, robustae, foliis ± subcoriaceis, plerumque pinnatisectis, lobis lateralibus numerosis, lineari-triangularibus vel linearibus, lobo terminali acuminato, phyllariis involucralibus exterioribus 18 ad 20, anguste lanceolatis vel lineari-lanceolatis, erecto-arcuatis usque arcuato-patentibus, ecorniculatis, stigmatibus luteo-viridibus, antheris polline carentibus, acheniis griseo-stramineis, eximie longis, superne squamuloso-spinulosis, in pyramidem angustam subcylindricam 1-2.2 mm longam ± sensim abeuntibus.

Herbs 15-22 cm tall, usually robust. Petiole pinkish, broadly to narrowly winged; leaf blade light mid-green, ± oblanceolate to linear-oblanceolate, 11-22 × 2-3.5 cm, ± subleathery, sparsely to ± densely arachnoid, usually pinnatisect, midvein usually pinkish near base otherwise pale green; lateral lobes 6 or 7(-9), to 1.8 cm, from ca. 0.8 cm wide at base narrowing into linear or linear-triangular acute distal part, usually ± patent, proximal margin ± straight and entire, distal margin concave and usually with a distinct basal lobule and/or a few teeth; interlobes 3-5 mm wide, margin sparsely dentate; terminal lobe ± narrowly triangular, 1.5-2.5 × ca. 1.5 cm, basal segments patent to subrecurved or ± curved upward, terminal with distal margin concave or straight and usually entire and apex acuminate. Scapes light green but light pinkish at base, ± equaling leaves, ± densely arachnoid. Capitulum 3.5-4.5 cm wide. Involucre 8-10 mm wide, base broadly obconic. Outer phyllaries 18-20, dark brownish green, narrowly lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, outermost ones 7-9 × 2-3 mm and 2/3-4/5 as long as inner ones, variously erect-arcuate to arcuate-patent but ± patent after anthesis, border paler membranous and 0.1-0.2 mm wide, margin sparsely ciliate and often remotely serrulate, apex dark callose; inner phyllaries 1.2-1.3 cm, apex ± flat. Ligules deep yellow; outer ligules ± flat, outside striped indistinctly grayish green; inner ligules with yellow apical teeth. Stigmas grayish yellowish green. Anthers without pollen. Achene grayish straw-colored brown, (4-)5.3-6.1 × 1-1.2 mm; body ± densely squamulose and spinulose in upper ca. 1/3, ± gradually narrowing into a thin subcylindric (1-)1.5-2.2 mm cone, spinules curved upward; beak 1-1.3 cm. Pappus brownish white, ca. 7 mm. Fl. late spring. Agamosperm.

● Grazed alpine meadows, margins of Abies forests; 3200-4300 m. NW Yunnan.


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