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19. Astragalus sect. Oroboidei A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts. 6: 203. 1864.

裂翼组 lie yi zu

Astragalus sect. Hemiphaca Bunge; A. sect. Orobella Gontscharow.

Plants perennial, with well-developed stems, with basifixed hairs. Leaves imparipinnate with marcescent petiole; stipules free from petiole, partly connate behind stem or upper or all free from each other; leaflets adaxially glabrous or with scattered hairs toward margins only. Racemes loose or ± dense, borne on rather long axillary peduncles. Bracteoles absent. Calyx campanulate. Petals violet or blue, more rarely yellow, sometimes only when dry; wings exceeding keel, limbs bifid, emarginate or obtuse; keel shorter than wings. Legumes sessile or subsessile, rarely with a stipe up to 2 mm, small, ovoid to narrowly ovoid, at least 2 × as long as wide but mostly longer, keeled ventrally, ± grooved dorsally, completely to incompletely 2-locular or 1-locular; valves membra­nous, mostly smooth, glabrous or hairy.

Forty-five species: Afghanistan, China, NW India, Kashmir, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia; C and SW Asia, Europe; 20 species (14 endemic) in China.

1 Calyx ca. 5 mm or longer   (2)
+ Calyx up to 4 mm   (10)
2 (1) Leaflets touching, thickish, suborbicular to wider than long, 3-7 × 3-7 mm.   104 A. crassifolius
+ Leaflets not touching, narrowly elliptic to narrowly obovate   (3)
3 (2) Calyx 8-9 mm; standard and wing limbs deeply cleft to 1/3 of their length.   109 A. laceratus
+ Calyx up to 7(-7.5) mm; standard emarginate, wing limbs rounded to emarginate   (4)
4 (3) Plants 8-10 cm tall, vegetative parts covered with flattened acuminate hairs; peduncle 1.5-3.5 cm; wing limbs obtriangular, widest at deeply emarginate tip.   114 A. nigrodentatus
+ Plants distinctly taller, covered with terete hairs; peduncle at least 4 cm but mostly distinctly longer; wing limbs narrowly oblong to narrowly elliptic, rounded or slightly emarginate   (5)
5 (4) Leaflets in 9-11 pairs, 5-10 mm; bracts ca. 2 mm, like calyx partly covered with reddish brown hairs; ovary hairy.   119 A. sedaensis
+ Leaflets in 5-9 pairs, often longer; bracts mostly longer, like calyx covered with white or black hairs; ovary and legumes glabrous or hairy   (6)
6 (5) Calyx at least partly covered with spreading, flexuous, tangled hairs   (7)
+ Calyx covered only with appressed to subappressed hairs   (8)
7 (6) Stem, rachis, and peduncle covered at least partly with spreading black hairs up to 0.7 mm, with some white hairs mixed in; calyx teeth 0.3-1 mm; ovary with a stipe ca. 1.5 mm, glabrous.   108 A. gongshanensis
+ Stem glabrous, rachis and peduncle only with appressed to slightly ascending white and black hairs up to 0.2 mm; calyx teeth 2-3 mm; ovary sessile, white hairy.   115 A. ohbanus
8 (6) Petals yellowish green with violet keel; standard 10-11 mm, without distinct claw; ovary white hairy.   110 A. latiunguiculatus
+ Petals intensively blue to violet; standard 12-14 mm, with a short but distinct claw; ovary and legumes glabrous or black hairy   (9)
9 (8) Plants covered with hairs 0.3-0.8(-1) mm; pedicels 2-5 mm; calyx teeth 0.5-2 mm, all crowded at dorsal side; legumes 10-12 mm, 5-6 mm high and wide, 2-locular, glabrous.   120 A. taipaishanensis
+ Plants covered with hairs 0.2-0.3 mm; pedicels ca. 1 mm; calyx teeth 1-3 mm, not crowded at dorsal side; legumes 4-10 mm, 3.5-4 mm high, compressed laterally, black hairy.   117 A. peterae
10 (1) Stipules high connate behind stem   (11)
+ Stipules free from each other or rarely very shortly connate   (12)
11 (10) Leaflets narrowly elliptic, 1.5-3.5 × 0.8-1.5 mm, adaxially hairy toward margins; standard ca. 9 mm; wing limbs obtuse; plants densely caespitose with very short non-flowering stems.   107 A. dutreuilii
+ Leaflets linear, 5-12 × 0.5-1.5 mm, glabrous adaxially; standard 7-7.5 mm; wing limbs emarginate to deeply incised; plants without short non-flowering stems.   106 A. daqingshanicus
12 (10) Plants covered with distinctly flattened, often curved, tangled, only white hairs 0.1-0.3 mm; leaflets in (2 or)3(or 4) pairs.   116 A. pavlovii
+ Plants with terete hairs; leaflets in more pairs   (13)
13 (12) Petals white with bluish tips or yellow, rarely with purple keel (see also alternative when dry)   (14)
+ Petals lilac, blue, or violet (in A. caeruleopetalinus and A. puberulus sometimes drying to yellow)   (17)
14 (13) Leaflets in 8-11 pairs; petals whitish yellow; standard ca. 7 × 6 mm, limb orbicular, abruptly contracted into very short claw.   121 A. tsangpoensis
+ Leaflets in fewer pairs; petals of other color; standard limb elliptic to obovate   (15)
15 (14) Leaflets linear, 5-6 × as long as wide, 8-15(-25) × 1-3 mm; petals white with bluish tips; legumes with a stipe ca. 2 mm.   111 A. lhorongensis
+ Leaflets elliptic to obovate, 2 × as long as wide or slightly longer; petals of other color; legumes sessile   (16)
16 (15) Petals purple or yellow with purple keel; standard 9-11 mm, rounded or retuse; legumes 7-9 mm, incompletely to completely 2-locular, glabrous.   112 A. macropterus
+ Petals greenish yellow also when dry; standard 7-8 mm, deeply incised; legumes ca. 4 mm, 1-locular, on ventral side appressed white hairy.   102 A. alaschanus
17 (13) Leaflets in 13 or 14 pairs, ca. 5 × as long as wide, 13-15 × 2-3 mm; legumes sparsely white hairy.   113 A. nangxianensis
+ Leaflets in up to 9 pairs, relatively wider; legumes (and ovary) glabrous or densely black hairy   (18)
18 (17) Bracts 2-3 mm, subglabrous; calyx 3-4 mm; legumes with a stipe ca. 2 mm, 1-locular, densely appressed black hairy.   103 A. caeruleopetalinus
+ Bracts up to 1.5 mm, hairy; calyx at most up to 3 mm; legumes sessile or subsessile, incompletely to completely 2-locular (unknown in A. dabanshanicus), glabrous (including ovary)   (19)
19 (18) Leaflets in up to 6 pairs; racemes short, dense; bracts and calyx black hairy.   105 A. dabanshanicus
+ Leaflets in up to 9 pairs; racemes up to 12-15 cm, loosely many flowered; bracts and calyx white and black hairy   (20)
20 (19) Leaflets slightly more than 2 × as long as wide; petals purple or yellowish with purple keel; standard 9-11 mm.   112 A. macropterus
+ Leaflets 4-10 × as long as wide; petals pale lilac, sometimes pale yellow when dry; standard 5-7 mm.   118 A. puberulus


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