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8. Astragalus sect. Cenantrum Bunge, Mém. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint Pétersbourg, sér. 7. 11(16): 23. 1868.

膜荚组 mo jia zu

Astragalus sect. Albiflori Y. C. Ho; A. sect. Cenantroides N. D. Simpson; A. sect. Monadelphia K. T. Fu; A. sect. Polyphylli N. D. Simpson; Neodielsia Harms.

Plants caulescent, erect; hairs basifixed, white or black. Leaves mostly nearly sessile or with a short petiole; stipules green or greenish, rarely membranous, free from petiole and from each other, rarely lower ones connate behind stem. Racemes with a long peduncle, many flowered; bracts persistent. Bracteoles mostly absent. Flowers with a distinct pedicel. Calyx campanulate to shortly tubular, mostly laterally gibbous at base, obliquely cut at mouth. Petals mostly yellow or pale greenish yellow, often drying purple, rarely purplish from beginning; standard slightly to distinctly emarginate, rarely rounded. Stamens diadelphous or more rarely monadelphous. Style and stigma glabrous. Legumes ± long stipitate, 1-locular; valves papery, glabrous or hairy.

Forty-two species: China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia; C to S Asia, Europe; 27 species (19 endemic) in China.

1 Inner side of calyx tube hairy in upper 1/2   (2)
+ Inner side of calyx tube glabrous   (3)
2 (1) Petals yellow; leaflets in 3-7 pairs, narrowly to widely elliptic; keel as long as standard.   40 A. tongolensis
+ Petals purplish; leaflets in 2-4 pairs, narrowly elliptic; keel distinctly shorter than standard, (12-)15-16 mm.   30 A. moellendorffii
3 (1) Ovary and legumes glabrous   (4)
+ Ovary and legumes hairy   (8)
4 (3) Leaflets in (1 or)2 pairs; calyx 4-5 mm, teeth indistinct or up to 0.3 mm; standard 8-10 mm; keel longer than wings.   24 A. henryi
+ Leaflets in at least 3 pairs but mostly more; calyx at least 5 mm but mostly distinctly longer; standard at least 13 mm but mostly longer; keel shorter than or as long as wings   (5)
5 (4) Leaf rachis sparsely to loosely covered with appressed to spreading hairs; leaflets in 8-12 pairs.   32 A. mongholicus
+ Leaf rachis glabrous; leaflets in 3-5 pairs   (6)
6 (5) Calyx 11-12 mm, sparsely to loosely covered with ± spreading brown or blackish hairs; bracts sparsely to loosely white and black hairy; standard limb widely ovate to orbicular, 13-16 mm wide; legumes 30-40(-50) mm, inflated ellipsoid.   17 A. bahrakianus
+ Calyx at most up to 11 mm but mostly shorter, glabrous or appressed white hairy; bracts glabrous or only white hairy; standard limb rhombic to elliptic, up to 12 mm wide; legumes 20-30 mm, strongly compressed laterally (unknown in A. sichuanensis)   (7)
7 (6) Racemes 6-16 cm, many flowered; bracts glabrous or sparsely ciliate; calyx 6-8 mm, often glabrous; ovary with a stipe 6-8 mm.   15 A. aksuensis
+ Racemes short, 5-10-flowered; bracts densely appressed hairy; calyx 9-11 mm, teeth very short to mostly inconspicuous; ovary with a stipe 12-14 mm.   38 A. sichuanensis
8 (3) Stems in lower 1/3-1/2 without developed leaves.   36 A. przewalskii
+ Steams leafy throughout   (9)
9 (8) Leaflets in 8-15 pairs   (10)
+ Leaflets in up to 9 pairs but often in fewer   (14)
10 (9) Leaflets very narrowly elliptic to narrowly elliptic, 10-17(-20) × 2-6 mm; calyx when young with long white or black hairs, therefore racemes sericeous, with age loosely to rather densely and mostly black hairy; standard 12-13 × 4-4.5 mm, narrowly oblong-elliptic, deeply incised.   22 A. floridulus
+ Leaflets relatively wider; calyx without long white or black hairs and not sericeous when young; standard elliptic to obovate, if narrowly oblong-elliptic, then rounded (in A. degensis)   (11)
11 (10) Leaflets adaxially sparsely and abaxially loosely hairy; petals dark purple to blackish violet; stem up to 7 mm thick.   35 A. petrovii
+ Leaflets adaxially glabrous, abaxially sparsely hairy; petals yellow or rarely pale lilac or purple; stem up to 3 mm thick   (12)
12 (11) Calyx ca. 5 mm, white hairy; standard ca. 8 mm; legumes shortly stipitate, densely white hairy.   18 A. changduensis
+ Calyx mostly distinctly longer; standard distinctly longer, at least 11 mm; legumes with a stipe at least 4 mm but mostly longer, ± black hairy   (13)
13 (12) Plants in vegetative parts furnished with appressed to spreading hairs 1-1.5(-2) mm; leaflets rounded to emarginate; calyx teeth 0.5-1.5 mm; standard 13-20 × 7-9 mm, widely elliptic, emarginate, at base with a long claw; legumes obliquely ellipsoid, 2-3 cm.   32 A. mongholicus
+ Plants in vegetative parts furnished with appressed hairs 0.3-0.6 mm; leaflets acute to emarginate but with a distinct cusp ca. 0.5 mm; calyx teeth ca. 3 mm; standard 11-13 × ca. 5 mm, narrowly oblong-elliptic, rounded at apex, abruptly contracted into a very short claw; legumes ellipsoid, 1.3-1.7 cm.   20 A. degensis
14 (9) Plants totally glabrous with exception of inner side of calyx teeth; rachis at insertion of leaflets often with simple or divided emergences and or with stalked glands; stamen tube monadelphous.   41 A. xitaibaicus
+ Plants at least in some parts hairy; rachis at insertion without emergences and glands; stamen tube diadelphous or monadelphous   (15)
15 (14) Lower stipules distinctly vaginate-connate; calyx 1-1.4 cm, teeth 4-7(-8) mm; petals yellow, sometimes violet suffused when dry.   27 A. longilobus
+ All stipules free; calyx and calyx teeth distinctly shorter   (16)
16 (15) Standard 10-12 mm   (17)
+ Standard distinctly longer, if only 10-12 mm, then stamens monadelphous   (19)
17 (16) Leaflets glabrous or ciliate; calyx glabrous; petals yellow.   19 A. chilienshanensis
+ Leaflets and calyx hairy; petals at least partly purple or bluish   (18)
18 (17) Stem ca. 2 mm thick; leaflets adaxially glabrous; bracts sparsely black hairy; calyx 4.5-5 mm; petals blue to blue-violet with yellowish base.   33 A. muliensis
+ Stem ca. 6 mm thick; leaflets adaxially sparsely hairy; bracts glabrous or sparsely white ciliate; calyx ca. 6 mm; petals yellow with purple-tipped standard or keel or all purplish.   29 A. minhensis
19 (16) Leaflets 10-17 × 3-7 mm; bracteoles 0.5-1 mm, at pedicel; calyx 4(-5) mm; petals lilac to dark purple.   37 A. purpurinus
+ Leaflets at least in part distinctly longer; bracteoles absent (only in A. arnoldianus sometimes present); calyx at least 5 mm but mostly distinctly longer; petals yellow when alive, sometimes purple when dry   (20)
20 (19) Bracts 3-5 mm; stems glabrous or with appressed hairs   (21)
+ Bracts at least 5 mm but partly distinctly longer, if sometimes only ca. 4 mm (in A. lessertioides), then stems with ascending to spreading hairs   (23)
21 (20) Calyx hairy only at upper margins and teeth, teeth 2-3 mm; stipules 1-1.6 cm, auricle-like dilated at base; leaflets in 6-9 pairs, abaxially sparsely hairy at midrib or glabrous; peduncle glabrous.   21 A. ernestii
+ Calyx hairy also at tube, teeth only up to 1.5 mm; stipules up to 1 cm, not dilated at base, lower ones often connate around petiole up to top; leaflets in 4-6 pairs, abaxially loosely hairy; peduncle loosely hairy   (22)
22 (21) Plants in vegetative parts with mainly black hairs; lower stipules often connate around petiole up to top; calyx ca. 9 mm; standard 16-19 mm.   16 A. arnoldianus
+ Plants in vegetative parts with mainly white hairs; all stipules free from each other; calyx 6-7 mm; standard 12-14 mm.   28 A. luteolus
23 (20) Stamen tube closed, monadelphous   (24)
+ Stamen tube diadelphous, with 1 free stamen   (25)
24 (23) Leaflets glabrous or ciliate when young; racemes with flowers all around, rachis densely black hairy; calyx teeth unequal, upper ones triangular, 1-1.5 mm, lower ones narrowly triangular 1.5-3 mm; standard 16-17 × 8-11 mm, with short claw.   34 A. neomonodelphus
+ Leaflets sparsely hairy abaxially; racemes 1-sided, rachis sparsely white or black hairy; calyx teeth all subulate, 3-4 mm; standard 12-13 × 5-6 mm, with long claw.   31 A. monadelphus
25 (23) Calyx 4.5-7 mm with glabrous tube, teeth narrowly triangular-acuminate, 1.5-3 mm; petals yellow drying to brown-violet; standard 11-12 mm.   26 A. lessertioides
+ Calyx longer with tube hairy at least in upper part, teeth triangular, up to 1.5 mm; petals remaining yellow; standard distinctly longer   (26)
26 (25) Stems and leaf rachis sparsely to loosely covered with subappressed to ascending hairs; legumes with white and black hairs.   25 A. lepsensis
+ Stems and leaf rachis glabrous or more rarely very sparsely appressed hairy; legumes with black hairs only   (27)
27 (26) Peduncle sparsely, toward raceme more densely, black hairy, rarely subglabrous; standard 14-17 mm; legumes 1-2.5 cm, flattened dorsally and ventrally.   23 A. frigidus
+ Peduncle glabrous; standard 15-25 mm; legumes 2.5-4.5 cm, slightly keeled ventrally, slightly grooved dorsally.   39 A. tecti-mundi


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